2009: a year in review

these are the big things that happened this year

January-celebrated new years eve at cobble, tube slide was opened for the first time.
-started helping teaching at cobble
March-Got an award to the best assistant ski teacher of 2009 for all my help

April- around my dads b-day we went to montreal for my dads buisness conference. Mom leaves for australia for 3 weeks

May-I start rolling the grass to get it ready for cutting

June-August..cutting grass regularily

August- signed up to help with the kitchener airshow and dad helped as well

September-voluntered with the open house and doors open with the Jet Aircraft Museum
-Started college courses, with the goal of finally graduating college.
September-December-College courses

December- i actually pass both classes with the help of my sister...

see you in 2010


aw jeez...

You all my laugh at me at what i am kinda in love with...dont worry people its not another girl i can go harrass but an airplane. I know what youre thinking, people can be in love with a plane can they? well most people would say no. I say yes.

I am really in love with an airplane and i know this time at least ill know that it loves me...haha....

im having alot of dreams about it...some have me as it pilot


a round the world next year...without leaving home

For next year starting in a few weeks ill be on my way to starting a round the world trip. But i wont be laving my bedroom. This is a virtual trip. I plan to fly from London CYXU to London CYXU but go around the world in between.

The plan is this

UHSS-->OMDB (maybe?)

but i might add a few routes as time goes...


school is almost over...

As it is now, there is only 1 day left of actual class time. I have the last test tommorow at noon. After im done that test i can technically be free of school but thats not it. I have another class at 4pm in which we talk about the move we say the night before but since ive already watched it many times i dont need to really know about the plot of fargo...but im going to go figure out the ideological subtext so that it can help me on the exam next wednesday...

I am also going to be meeting up with a buddy of mine whos in my class and asking about the missing stuff on the in class sheets in between after my test and my 4pm class and if we dont get it doen i will be screwed, these sheets are going to be used on the test so i have to get them finished....

merry xmas and ill update you next week...i need to focus...


now that the last essay is out of the way...

i have a little more time to fly this afternoon after a well needed nap from an all nighter that i did to finish this essay..

there are no more essays due in this class or the AB studies, and im not talking about studies of your six pack but of aborigional studies i did the only essay they required me to do. All that needs to be done are is the last test for AB studies and the exam. Once im done i can start flying alot more....


im tired....need sleep..


coming to you from the middle of a flight...

im posting this from the middle of a virtual flight CYZF to CYVR and im about 300 miles from the destination...hope all my virtual travellers are alright...



that only took a few minutes..

ive decided im not going to create a flightsim blog im going to post them here since this is where i usually talking anyways...

i have been really getting bothered by the way the 737-200 alternate painjobs were showing up in flightsim as 737-253 as its own set on the list when we know that the 737-253 is just a variation of the 737-200. So i decided that i would try to fix this. All i had to do was fix a few numbers in the aircraft.cfg file and i was on my way. Now instead of 6 different variations taking up space in the list of all aircraft they are all within the 737-200 set was like magic...only took me like 5 minutes...

things are ok so far..





I spent most of last night trying to finish my essay and by 3 am i was in bed with it already posted it to the dropbox on fanshaweonline and turnitin.com so thats a releief as my essay is done i dont have anymore test stuff to do like i usually do on friday saturday or sunday (ie adding image and text descriptions of my own notes on each chapter) so i can have more time to do flightsim, yeehaw!! i havent had any time to do it lately...

and also a time to record some songs and or make a new podcast or something..should be a good relax weekend...its been a while since ive been able to do that...

saw elevation last friday with my sister and my mom was a really good show but it was in a cathedral and part of it was like a mass sort of thing. Got some photos but it was too dark so they didnt come out.

other than that everything is fine..

happy halloween...


need to get back to flightsim for a while

ive spent too much time working on this stuff for class this week i need an early afternoon touch and go or something like that.

my class has been cancelled again i havent seen him since last thursday...not sure when the essay is due anymore...




i know the words to songs that you have never heard before

its funny actually, most of the songs that show up on last.fm are songs i actually know by heart for some reason...must be i listen to them alot...i guess...

its saturday which means ive got the weekend off to do whatever i want untill monday...



after writing a good test

sorry for the missing updates guys but I'm back still alive and awake. I just wrote a test yesterday and i really studied and i hope i did well on it. Ill have to check on that.

I’m doing a lot of virtual flying these days, well more like today. I got 3 flights in today. One was to Saskatoon from London And then i did a CYYZ-CYXU type of flight back and forth with the A380.  Then i did a flight to CYFB from CYYZ. Then i did a flight from London to Tillsonburg and then i switched to the 732 and flew to CYYZ.

This is a screenshot from about this time


the last 3 teeth out...thank god

i finally have all 4 wisdom teeth out and once again have my teeth are frozen. I can barely talk at all so im updating you on that.

i hate having my teeth frozen, its one of the weirdest feelings in the world. Im hoping it goes away soon.



addicted to muncho's and diet coke

it seems any day goes by and i cant stop wanting a bag of munchos and a diet coke and im not sure why i cant go a day without it but i know im addicted to it...



the thing about fanshawe is

Im always close to CYXU. Which means if JAM needs me to move things around or anything im usually driving round the area where JAM is. I met a guy whos just joined in the last few months who flies out of Discovery Air which is on Huron St where it extends past XU aviation. All they have stored in the hanger is C-FPWB which is a Cesna Citation 505 i think.

He says if they need to ferry the jet over to CYCE Huron Centrailia and she says he wants to allow me to fly with him. I gave him my email and phone number so just in case he wants to fly with me he can.

School os going good so far and there's now only 13 going on 12 weeks left...

The only thing that bugs me about CYXU is that there's no proper place to watch planes come in. You cant spend alot of time on final to RWY 15 because of traffic. But you can spend as long as you want at final to RWY 33 because there's not alot of traffic going on creamery road.

The grass needs to be cut and hasnt been touched in 4 or 5 years. Id love to cut grass there just to make others happy in watching planes...

anyways if you have any comment please feel free to join the Southwestern Ontario Aviation Boards or SWOAB for short at http://swoa.freeforums.com



tooth removed....

I now have 1 of 4 wisdom teeth removed the other day. Pain removed. I now feel much better and have not had as much pain as i had the other day...

other than that i have no problems in life and things are ok...


great weekend...

I had a blast this past weekend at the kithchener waterloo aviation expo. I got to hang out with a few new people i had only met at the last JAM meeting. if you dont know what jam is, heres what it is.

The JET AIRCRAFT MUSEUM (JAM) exists to create and maintain a dynamic and living history of the modern age Royal Canadian Air Force and to provide permanent honour for those valiant Canadian men and women who flew these aircraft with distinction in periods of war, peace, and peace keeping.

JAM is a not for profit foundation that has as its primary purposes the acquisition, display, preservation, maintenance and, most importantly, providing in flight demonstrations for the people of Canada now and for generations to come. The JAM mission is to combine the creation and operation of museum housing: aircraft, historical artifacts, records, and salient memorabilia, while simultaneously keeping representative historic aircraft in the air whenever and wherever major aviation events are held across Canada and at appropriate international centres.
The Museum has been granted charitable status by the Canada Revenue Agency.
The model for the establishment of JAM is the immensely successful Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association (CHAA), which was created in 1986 and has preserved, trained pilots for, and flown and continues to fly this legendary Air force training aircraft at important aviation events in both Canada and the U.S. It is significant that the founder of CHAA and many of its senior volunteer members are among the founding leadership of JAM.

The ultimate objective of the Museum is to have one or more flyable versions of major jet aircraft used by Canada’s armed forces since we entered the military jet age in 1944. These include Canada’s first, the Vampire, the CT-133 T-Bird, CT-114 Tutor and others.
One significant opportunity has already materialized. The acquisition of six T-Bird aircraft have been purchased from the Government of Canada and favourable financing has already been established to facilitate this acquisition. This two seater jet trainer, Canadian built by Canadair in Montreal was the workhorse trainer for Canada’s Armed Forces for some 50 years. JAM anticipates that the T-Bird will be its main in-the-air demonstration aircraft until the Tutors become available in 2012 and/or when circumstances permit acquisition of other aircraft.
Meanwhile, equally important, a suitable home for the T Birds and other aircraft as they are acquired has been established at the London, Ontario International Airport.
Once acquired, the Museum plans ground and aircrew training programs and the establishment of rigorous maintenance, service, safety and operational control procedures.
The Museum offers full voting membership to everyone interested in preserving Canada’s noble jet age heritage. Governance is provided by a Board of Directors and officers.

JAM is supported by the CANADIAN T-BIRD AIRCRAFT MUSEUM FOUNDATION. All inquiries for the Foundation can be made by contacting Bob Hewitt at rhewitt@xplornet.com
The Canada Revenue Agency has started an initiative to educate donors who may wish to give to a charity. They have now a DONOR WEB SITE called Giving To Charity: Information to Donors which can be reached at http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/donors/

I helped paint the Tug that should be in the images section soon on the website.

I hung out with a new friend of mine named Dave Kreutzkamp who is the graphic designer for JAM and can help me im sure with photoshop stuff. As well as being just an aviation buddy i find hes such a nice guy. I find hes doing a good job for JAM as well.

As for me, im in alot of frequent pain this morning, couldnt sleep because my wisdom tooth was acting up and went to the dentist this morning and he said i have an absessed tooth and my right wisdom tooth is about ready for coming out so im sitting here on the computer with an icepack and checking emails and blogging...i have an appointment in woodstock at 1pm to take a look at the abessesed tooth..

later days..



Sightseeing over Nepal

Sightseeing over Nepal
Originally uploaded by Sir Mildred Pierce

one of the best screenshots ive ever seen with the 732

FAVE Aircraft!!

For most out there they have their favorite Boeing or airbus aircraft in which they love to see fly or at least fly them virtually. Most like the 757 or 767 because its a long range aircraft that are a lot like what they are as well.

But for me i love only one series of planes is the 737 and as i do like the 700 series plane, one of the early 737-200's is what i like. Even though I've never flown one in real life i have like a few hundred hours flying them virtually for virtual westjet.


Although i don't know what most people say about them i do know that i think that they say its too small i need a bigger plane. But i say its the most beautiful plane in the history of Boeing itself.

If i had like 5 billion extra in my pocket id buy it but all i can do now is dream about owning one, painting it up and putting it in the field. It would be my own Learjet. Whenever i wanted to go somewhere else like Europe i could just hop in my jet and head off. its loud when you take off so id storm all the airports and do flypasts.

In the back of the plane id store my more private plane, a 1966 Dodge Coronet that is just a normal car untill the wings fold out and turns into a private plane i can use to get into remote areas.

I could lock the plane the same way you would remotely lock a car with the 2 beeps. Id have staff that would fly with me to fix the plane whenver it needed fixing.

that is all...go 737-200!!

Thanks Boeing you make good airplanes!!



slept through a virtual flight

Went to bed about 6 hours ago in the middle of a virtual westjet flight and woke up being like 900 miles from where i was supposed to land at CYYC calgary.

So i closed flight sim and now im waiting at the CYXU aiport ready to fly privatelty this morning to maybe calgaty but it probably wont be. Im flying in the eDimensional Boeing 737-200.

i bought a book the other day on amazon about the Boeing 737-200 so it will gice me somnething to read ad i canrt seem to get any further into the harry potter book. This one may last all summer before i get to finish it.

I had a massage on friday in st marys at heal a peel and my stiff legs are now very soft and i can feel it. I might go for one again this week just to soften them up more..

im curios on the name chage of my blog changing it to living in embro or ontario now and may lose the traffic i have already had...i dunno...i want to because im not living in banff anymore and im living in ontario...oh well...

talk to you later...


living in ontario now?

ive had the thought this past week to change the name of my blog to living in ontario now or living in embro now..but i like the name of the blog so much ill keep it as what it is wether its in banff or anywhere else...

re-installed flight sim this week because when i used to load it up there wouild be an error saying something about anchor.bgl (anchorage?) so i was getting frustrated by it and thought it had to go...and copied all the airports and all the planes to my hard drive so when it reinstalls i dont have to lose all those files....

except for the 732.gau acting up its running faster and faster...



back to flight sim

Ive had my computer put into the shop in woodstock for the last week or so...and yesterday i got my computer back and am enjoying the new screen i got as well its an 18.5 in monitor, was only really 1.5 in from what i had but takes up less space..

As i write this im flying from Vancouver to Saskatoon in the 737-200 of CP Air (Virtual). Im about 600 nm from saskatoon. Im flying on autopilot which ive been testing myself to be able to operate and get knowing about it. The autopilot back in those days are nopt like those of these days when all you have to do is dial in the altitude to what altitude you want or what heading before you get to that altitutd....no you have to do it manually...of course it will hold when you tell it too theres just no button to hold it and let it get you there without trouble.

I love the 737-200.




how long have you been on hotmail?

Hey everyone hows your day happy canada day to everyone.

I want to ask everyone out there how long you have been on hotmail or had an account..I have been on there for 10 years this september. I cant believe that its been 10 years already...wow...where has the time gone...??

The other issue i want to bring up is a comparison between a regular mastercard or a pre-paid mastercard.

Pre-Paid MC:
I prefer the pre-paid only because there is no dealing with having to pay back all you spent that month. All you have to do is put money on it and it will take a day or two to process (in my case its 3 days).

Regular MC: Its fun that you can have money on the go, but wouldnt you rather have to not pay the monthly payback thing every month? I have never had a normal mastercard so i have no idea what its like but i hear its ok to have to pay back everything you have bought. Wouldnt you like having the peace of mind to have the ability to load your card with money instead of having money on it?

If you like the pre paid mastercard idea go to nextwavetitanium.com and chack it out...its only 20 dollars and very handy. the only problem i find is that it takes 3 days to transfer any amount of money from any financial institution..

thats all....september 10th ill go out and celebrate ive been on hotmail 10 years...


its like a merging of usernames..

when i started becomimg more of having a presence of being on the internet i used a swell number of usernames/aliases i used. At the time about 2003 i had so many that i wasnt sure what i would do with all of them...most were on yahoo and the one that stuck out in my mind was ford8nguy. It was one i used on all ford 8n websites that i was using like nseries.com and a few others.

After my interest in ford 8ns died out (still love them) but another type of interest caught my eye. It was muscle cars. I always loved muscle cars since i was about 13 or 14 and really didnt have a favorite untill i saw a pic and the sound of the engine online.  It was the most beautiful car ive ever seen in my life..bigger than any of the other muscle cars. It was the 1966 Dodge Charger. So since i was only a fan of the 66, it was obvious the name 66chargerfan was a good username that i could come up with. in fact alot of things i was doing online was using 66chargerfan for any forum or website. 

in about that time i was learning how to play guitar and so i created a username i only used for a few sites called acousticsoul. it didnt last long...i only used it for about 9 months then i got rid of it but if you search acousticsoul "darren elliott" youll find that there are a few old websites that i havent visited since 03 or 04. Then....

Then i really didnt have one for my guitar very much until i thought about how my old idol at the time had an old nickname where he added the word vox which i believe is a word meaning voice. And so i have not the best voice in the world i decided to use my name and add vox to it hence darrenvox was born. This is one i use for everything and will be my primary username for anything and everything and i will eventually get rid of 66chargerfan and acousticsoul by asking if admins of forums can change my username to darrenvox and so far a few have and that is my project for the next few weeks....

thats all


that took all of what...5 minutes?

Hello blogging world. I just thought id update my website because i thought it would be a good time to do something with it.

While i was doing some afternoon lawn cutting i thought maybe tomorrow sometime i would take screenshots of the social media websites i am on (ie facebook myspace etc). Then i would crop them to make thumbnails. I figured while i was cutting that it would take me like an hour or so. But i loaded up safari and found the best view of all the social sites i have and took a screenshot with the program i use with flightsim called snapper (ovosoft.com/snapper). I then loaded up photoshop 6.0 and instead of cropping them i reduced the size from 80x600 to 100x75. Then i uploaded all of the pictures to my tripod account and put them with links to their pages on my contact page.

The contact page that i had alread had, was a form, my email, and links to my blog and forum. Now they are thumbnails that you can click on instead of some link. I have a few more to do as in the forum and dailybooth and all that....

you can find my website at darrenelliottmusic.tripod.com


CTNotify.exe Problem on startup

It hasnt affected me much in the last few months but just recently i thought id get the disk detetor working on my machine again. And then recently i loaded up my computer the other day and it gave me a error message something about kernel32.dll so i searched the computer for it and then didnt seem to see it and then searched the web and downloaded it to replace the file but now its not working so well and the error comes up every time i load my windows xp computer.

Its not a big deal im just trying to get things back to the way they were years ago so when i do sell it and it probably wont happed in the next 20 years cause im attached to this computer but if i do sell it i want it back kinda the way i got it. The disc detector was working when i first got this computer on bursary at college.

Its an Aopen PC-1 Computer
Windows XP
55GB Ram
gEforce2 400 MMX

if anyone could lead me to how to get rid of this error...do i have to reinstall it or find a new version of it??



ive now jumped on the dailybooth bandwagon

look to your right and everyday you will see a new pic either uploaded or done with my webcam.

thanks dave from musicfromblueskies i thought id join you!!


Fuck IE!! Safari has all i need!!

hi guys feeling much happier now and moving on with my life i havent got the time anymore to sit around to wait. I havent really started finding anyone yet because i just dont know, im a loser and got nothing to do anymore but play driver paralell lines on the wii.  

no one has asked on youtube or on here what my 
webcam looks like and not too many really care but for those who have wondered what im using for my videos and they are pretty good videos (quality wise) it is actually better than my dads 40 dollar webcam which is alot of static...mine has alot of static  but im ok with it. I bought it for 15 bucks at a surplus store in london ontario...ZSMC 211 is the model number...probably 10-15 years old because zsmc doesnt exist anymore.

I pulled an all nighter last night and most of the night to early dawn i watched a made-for-tv- movie called "monster island". Even though most of the monsters were obviously fake the love story was brilliant. Id give this movie about a 3/10 for the horror it gave me which is zero. 12/10 for the kinda good love story.

Its 3:33am on friday may 22. Ill probably be sleeping all day.....which is like the kiss song i want rock and roll all night and sleep everyday.

If you can believe me i have never had windows office higher than 2000 on my computer.  I barely ever use it but when i do its just hard to use. I might take my computer in and get it tuned up and put some ram or rom in it. 

about the IE thing i find IE slow loading and too much toolbars and stuff. safari has all i need and keeps it clean. I also like firefox but cant get the youtube (upgrade-to-the-next-flash-player) problem fixed...so im sticking with safari...whatever happened to netscape...i remember using it in high school and havent heard much of it since.

i havent done a blog like this in ages and its a good way to get it off my chest.  I used to blog only like this but now i dont because i have other things to do than sleep..speaking of sleep good night!!

i found my dads old Minlota XG1 and cant wait to see if it still works... 


its over between me and her friendship wise

So april 14th at 8 has come and gone and I no longer am in love or do not want to think about her im on to bigger and better things...I had removed her a while ago from facebook and then after 8pm on april 14 I removed all of our mutual friends (all the friends I know and she knows)...so I wont want to hear about her anymore.
anyways im back on youtube with a new video called "another vlog" check it out. Im playing my wii a lot. 3367-5393-5139-9044.



Hello everyone who wants to post alot of negative comments on my blog. Im back from montreal. Im now speaking french alot more....

as you may see im over that girl from my previous job. I gave her 6 months and never heard back from her...

im movin on...


im giving her a week...thats it..

hi ppl, its darren here doing an email blog. Ive given up its been too long and its now down to the nitty gritty. Ive been waiting 4-5 months for a reply from "you know who" not erica I can tell you. Im giving her 1 more week to reply to the email I sent her in december. If she doesn't reply im moving on with my life after 8pm on tuesday april 14th.
Ill go right into finding someone on eharmony or plentyoffish or something to try to find someone. Mybe finding a girl is just not the thing for me...well maybe if I don't im moving on in life after that date...
1 more week girl of my dreams......1 more week
ive been looking into joining the CP Air Virtual airline and noticed there used to be a flight with a 737-200 from CYOW to CYUL which is weird to me the 737-200 has an aproximate range of like 25-3200 miles yet it would fly a flight of less than 100 miles...why....seems strange by todays standards...but I guess in the days of flying in the golden era it would have been ok but not today you would fly from ottawa to montreal in a dash 8 but not in a 737-200 though I found a video on youtube that shows a cockpit of a 737-200 on the way from PANC to PASC which I think is in alaska.
hope I get to fly for CP Air VA.


years later i cant remember the names of artists..

Back about 2003-ish. I used to watch this show called ZED on CBC every week or every night i cant remember which because its slipping out of my mind. I should have written down all the videos that i liked years ago because im gonna have to look at all the videos to find the ones i remeber quite well. "More" was a video that i really liked, good thing for youtube its on there!!

They didnt just get rid of zed they got rid of my way of seeing other artists in canada shine....and the other problem is because of copyrights after they play a video uploaded to ZED online on tv its unviewable, so someday ill find a few zed vids on youtube.

im off to look at old videos on ZED if its still exists..


fromblueskies's meme

For all my viewers,heres a meme thats easier than hard stuff lol ok what you do is load up your itunes and the 1st 40 songs that you hear write out the 1st line of the song and people can guess the song, there arent any prizes just guess them...you can do this too... 

1.leave the bright blue door on the white wash wall
2.well the midnight headlight find you on a rainy night
3.future need a big kiss, winds blow with a twist
4.in the distance she saw me coming round 
5.well 70 years and she woke by the radio
6.i hadnt seen you in quite a while, i was down the hole just killin time
7.i have climbed the highest mountain i have run through the fields 
8.i was born a child of grace nothing else about the place
9.i wanna hold em like they do in texas babe
10.i must look just like a fool herte in the middle of the road
11.when you try your best but dont succeed
12.it ticks just like a timex it never lets up on you
13.afternoon see a guy with rubys on his hair(head)
14.i woke up early this morning around 4 am
15.see the stone set in your see the thorn twist in your side
16.im gonna kick of my shoes and run in bare feet
17.tonite the moon is playin trick again im feeling see sick again
18.we used to leave the blue lights on
19.almost heaven west virginia blueridge mountains
20.you were born inisde of a raindrop
21.you filled up my senses like a night in a forest
22.gravity, its not pullin me, ill be picture with no sound
23.i wish, i wish i could surrender my soul
24.you say you want diamonds on a ring of gold
25.blazing a trail to the southern cities from our hometown
26.the heart is a bloom, shoots up through the stormy bloom(?)
27.many dont need no comforting he dont ask em 
28.i could se in your eyes and feel it in your touch
29.its poetry in motion she turned her tender eyes to me
30.im hold on your rope got me 10 feet off the ground 
31.jonny take a walk with your sister in the move/moon(?) 
32.everywhere i hear the sound of marching 
33.you say you want a revolution
34.high higher than the sun you shoot me from a gun
35.is there a time for keepin your distance
36.lover im on the street wanna go where the big lights
37.i was born, i was born to be with you, in this space and time 
38.i was on the outside when you said you said you needed me
39.it was a long and dark december, and from the rooftops i remeber 
40.if you walk away ill walk away, 1st tell me which roads you will take


won an award last night...

Last night i won the cobble hills instructors assistant award for being helpful for the team. i knew i was gong to get a recogniion like a talking about with akll the staff and everyone clapping for all the hard work ive done but to my amazement i won an award.

I have heard from rayza and andrew in the past week its good to hear from them but i havent heard from that girl i wont metion her name but i havent heard from her. ive been waiting at least 4 months to hear from her.

my cold is gone, my flu video is not accurate anymore, i will do a video later tomorrow talking about the award and other stuff.



every beauty should go out with an idiot

So im doing more flights theses days like today i flew london to calgary at 7am this morning, got up went to the washroom at around 6 and couldnt stay sleeping so i got up and get ready to fly to calgary and i should have done it IFR because calgary was IFR at the time i tried to land...i was VFR.

I took a guitar lesson in embro tonite and learned a few new chords. learned how to make chords out of notes. Really nice guy really helped me with it, im going back on wednesday night again.

Thursday is back to the drawing board with another 100+ kids coming to cobble hills...it looks to me like we only have a few more days of skiing. Our funday was supposed to be march 7th but now its march 14 if we still have any snow at cobble.

Its been raining quite alot here so if we make it to next week we're lucky...i doubt theres much left this time of year. Looks like its time to go to banff for the rest of the season...haha...would be nice for at least a week or 2. Take "uncle doug" with us for another year.

Our team consists of

Art Jansen
Anette Harrison (daughter of art)
Rick Harper
Rick Skillings
Doug Ferguson
Bruce Elliott
Eleanor Elliott
D-man Elliott (me)

thats pretty much it!1


"i got submarine you got gasoline.."

I have not bought the new u2 album but i have downloaded the fordham university bootleg, what i can say is theres a new song i think is on the new album i like its called "ill go crazy if o dont go crazy tonite"...what a sweet song so is "magnificent" wow with that one it sounds like the joshua tree has not left them.

thats all i have time for..

peace out


2 weird things and end of season

so today i dont have many lessons and i guess by this time every year its normally only privates, and semi privates and isnce im a ski instructor helper not an instructor. So im only needed when there is more than 4 people and they need help...most of this season i have been doing the 5 week camps. They ended about the 1st week in february. Since then its been only the school groups.

So today one behind the other two very odd and very rare things happened i think i was possesed by bad luck. 1st of all my glove gets stuck on the j bar and makes it around the wheel at the top then drops in a grassy area. So i skied to the bottom and told the liftee who was sitting in a tube watching the sun go down, and told him that my glove made it around the wheel at the top and fell into an area no one should ever visit if its moving. He stopped the jbar and i cmimbed of a catch cable that if someone goes through it will stop....went over and grabbed my glove no rips or tears (though there was alreay alot of cuts from grapping the wire without the bar and jletting in run through the glove....i should have found a glove protector we used to have for riope tows. Anyways 20 mins later im taking down the characters (piglet, tigger etc) woooden characters to ski around and theres a stubborn stubby that i cant get out so i go in and grab a metal key thats helps get it out...neither one works so i tried digging with the handle on the key and it still wouldnt come out, so i went to the liftee and found a shovel and as soon as i got 1/2 way to the stubby tyler the local snowboard instructor goes by (while i was digging he noticed what i was trying to do...turned it like counter clockwise and lifted and came out....took me 20 minutes for him to take it out in like 30 seconds...unreal eh!!!

so im over there tomnorrow monday and maybe tuesday and who knows what our school group schedule will be like i know theres only like 4 or 5 school groups left..most of them are ones that cancelled when the weather was like -20 or like just after it rained...so theres not much left.

heres a rundown of what i wear

-Smith helemt i bought before xmas
-smith goggles

-avalanche (cobble hills) jacket/work
or Firelfy red and grey jacket/pleasure
mobius pants fom years ago
reusch downy gloves

-salomon evolution 7.0 boots


Rossignol zenith z9ti (red)
head snow skater (no info online for it)


head intellegence poles i bout at the abominable ski store in banff


ive been skiing on my head snow skater short parabolic skis im trying to see what year they came out to see what year we might have gotten those snow skates. I spent all of today on these things with poles....

later and happy new month


beat this....

i was playing snowboard snow jam and got a wiked 900 rodeo propeller beat that!!



so who won katy perry's contest?

a few months ago i watched a video on either youtube or another youtube like website that she wanted people to make a video of them singing to i kissed a girl. it was for the grammys which air tomorrow night. Im just curious to see who won..i dont think any of my friends entered so its all from the US or from the UK somewhere.

i like katy perrys music...stands out more than any other musician that ever existed.

thats it...later


i regret it the most...

i was driving myself to cobble hills and the thought hit me like a wall...when i took a year or two off after school and got my drivers liscence i should have taken a week and gone somewhere fun by myself or with friends....would have been cool experience,...

shoulda coulda woulda...bhmmm...but i was totally in a depression at the time and that thought never crossed thru my head...

just something to think about for today and this week

how do you like the banner at the top...made it myself...

im now working on an image for my tunecore page and how rto upload songs that have a very low bitrate...most of my songs are 128 or so,...they want like 40-50 ish...



on the one hand im dreaming about....

hi guys whoever is readin this blog right now...I want to post this feeling or thought to anyone out there to see what everyone thinks. I've been having 2 typical dreams sometimes like one after the other. Sometimes when im sleeping ill dream of pleasurable and happy thoughts of someone I know that I've been talking about on here then its followed by ones of people trying to kill me..
I like the ones of the star bucks girl I don't like the death dreams. If it was 2003 and I was dreaming about death it would be second nature to think of death, now I've got something to live for. Like last night I had a dream of me being shot at but the bullets wouldn't hit me they were like bouncing off me.
just something to think about for your Sunday Feb. 1st 2009 and you've just been elliott'd in...dam I want it like sxephils ending...dam!!


weird dream this am.....

this morning I awoke from an unusually happy dream one that could have kept going if I didn't have to be up for 10 am this morning. It involved a few of my old worker mates from Safeway all talking about this snowboard shop they were all going to a lot or one they wanted to start.
I found that one to be cool because I was seeing all my friends from Banff again..
well sorry for the short one but im tired no time for a Vlog today so ill wait till I get time..


scanner works!!

so hello its monday jan 26th of 2009. My scanner has been sitting in the TV room catching dust for about a month, or since i changed my room around for my computer to be in the south corner of my room. I decided it would be nice to see what i could salvage from my scanner if it works or not. Up to now the scanner part works fully so it still works its just the linkup between it and the computer. So i setup the programs for it and tried pushing the green button (epson 1260 perfection) and nothing worked then i went into control panel and hit add hardware...after a minute there was the popup that the 1260 was intalled. So it works!!...

heres a hint of a few ive scanned in

me at 347 otter st in banff

email cleaning....sorry...

hello all good to see you....im doing this to see who has the correct email and whos email doesnt work anymore...

Life is Great


"shes really not that interested in you"

Im sorry but i made a mistake years ago wanting this girl. I thought we would date and then get married in the future. I can clearly say thats not going to happen because she hasnt replied back to me. im going to post what i wrote to her on facebook and you can tell me what you would say...

Hey willow how are ya, im fine back in ontario where the home cooked food is at its best.

Its been a long time since weve had a serious chat, as in it feels like a long time since weve had this type of chat.

Lately ive been thinking about you, seems weird but there you are in my head everyday, no matter where i go youre there and all i have to think about.

The only problem is i dont know if you feel the same way. Since the day i met you about a year ago ive been thinking about what is gonna happen to me if im gonna move somewhere else for a long time or stay in banff and live for a while there.

I dont know if its true but if you have boyfriend this message wont mean much to you, ive just been waiting to email you since the end of being in banff. I didnt even get to say goodbye and that ill keep in touch so i thought id say hi and tell you some things ive been thinking about for a while.

I have a huge crush on you and maybe its more than that, feels like it. If youve been feeling weird at all its probably me being the gross person i am. Ive never met a girl like you before and i doubt i ever will again. I just wanted to say hi thats all. I miss talking to you and i want to hear from you more, though im sure you hate me because weve both been ignoring ech other.See you willow and enjoy shredding this season youre friend darren elliott


ok its time to move on...she seriously doesnt like me..

it might not be the two weeks i indicated on the last blog but ive given up. I cant wait anymore without her talking to me. I havent talked with her in like 3 months. I miss her like sh*t. Heck im almost in love with her. I dont want to become depressed like i did years ago.

Funny thing is that ive had sme good dreams about her and i was almost certain some of them were going to come true, guess not now..

from now on i wont be talking about the starbucks girl ill have to find someone else. Its going to be hard...may take a year to get over her i was so deep in feelings for her. I hear her voice sometimes its so awesome to hear from her in my head but its not the real girl.

been getting some good replys to my youtube. i shouldnt be existing right now as on a forum they are ripping me apart as we speak....thats fine....ill get them back in the end somehow.

in the words of aron, which is a cool name for i speak a no enlgish...said "you are a worthless cunt" i agree!!!

this blog doesnt exist no more...and yes aron i am using tears as lube....and my girl i like is bangin 50 black guys..thats fine...i dont care


last fm and other things

Hello bloggers, how are you? Another day another dollar...Today is Friday the 16th of January/2009.
We were supposed to start the school groups at cobble today but since it was going to be and it already might be -20 right now the 1st group cancelled so im on my own for the day, here to Blog, Vlog or chat.
I now have a last.fm, used to be I really didn't conceive the concept. Now its something I don't even think about much. Crazy how much its changed, its like bagels years ago...no one liked bagels but the select few now everyone has it for breakfast and doesn't even notice how much they are loved now. My username on last.fm is darrenvox.
I have not played Combat Arms, Trackmania or WOW for the reasons its too big for my computer!!!
I am on blogtv.com with the same username. I don't really have a show set up I just go on every once and a while to show people a live view of my room~!
I have some cd's and games I want to sell and get a little money for..
All my u2 cd's
Sims Online
more to come... 


cant stop thinking about her...its been too long

so this week is another week im giving the girl from starbucks to chat back at me. if she doesnt let me know her feelings so i can chance it or stop thinking about her. Most people at this stage would give up and move on. i think this starbucks/UNLTD girl is quite a rariety so ill give her the benefit of the doubt and and an extra week to chat back at me. She doesnt have to tell me her inner most deep secrets she just has to tell me wether she likes me or not. if she likes me ill defintely pursue a relationship with her, if she doesnt like me ill let her go. Its too hard at this moment.

I really like her and would really like to go out with her at some point. Shes got a boyfreind and im ok with that its the fact that i see her being part of my life more than i see her with her current boyfriend. Everytime i see snowboarders i think of her. So im goung to get lessons on how to snowboard so if i were ever to be her boyfreind at some point she would probably want me to be converted so i will have to take lessons at some point. Tyler or Tanner said they would take me out and teach me...i know im gonna be on my ass anyways...so....well see

Unless im helping teaching over at cobble hills most of my thoughts are going to her at the moment, i cant help myself thinking about the starbucks girl (i have yet to mention names untill im going out wither her) which may never happen....but id like to at least try...so ill giver her another week, i just dont want to have another broken heart knowing that she only thinks im a garbage guy and not a future boyfriend..

I might be going to banff in march or so...a little trip to go see friends and see people...

thats my blog today and im stickin with it!!



its getting harder and harder...

Late last night i was over at cobble hills hanging out having a good time and then the song made famous by katy perry came on called hot n cold and since when i first heard the song a long time ago when i was living in banff i thought katy perry looked like this girl i still like from starbucks. So whenever i hear that song it makes me think alot abot her.

I have talked to her a million times over the past year it was ony after she came back from being home in ontario that our happy fun friendship started dwindling downwards, we went from being enjoyfull of each other (hi-5's and smiles to each other) to barely talking to each other at all. It really makes me mad at myself because i probably did or said something that made her not talk to me as much.

I know she has a boyfriend and im respectfull of that but im so happy that someday me and her wll be together. Maybe we wont but ivew got this good feeling in my heart that i will see her again. I havent seen her since the begining of november and its now the start of january...its hard for me.

Alls im saying is its hard because ive sent her an email telling her how i feel and i havent heard back. At this point most people would give up and move on. Im just being ok with it and letteing her have another 2 weeks to email or chat with me and let me know...i like her...i liker her alot...i just dont want to lose her...

thats my blog and im stickin to it!!