2015: year in review

January-normal start to the year with tons of snow
Febuary- regular month with snow
March- concert with Neil diamond 
April- I start to get outside more and on my bday I get to go to a tragically hip show. Loved it
May- trip to Quebec City, enjoyed being there and stuff and the ride home 
June- Browns chicken dinner with Anne and Wally
July-volunteered to work the gates at July 1st celebrations in embryo and new lawn mower
August-went bowling/ aunt and uncle were out every other weekend
September-we close pool and contractors start destroying trees and buildings to put up new garage...
October- more hammering
November- trip to long beach dad and mom enjoyed the conference and I liked just hanging around..
December...xmas and now New Years

Happy new year...


if copy and paste doesnt work restart you computer

this will be short and sweet so dont look for something lomng for this....

earlier this am i was trying tio add ai arcraft to a list but it wouldnt paste only copy so i googled the issue and alot of forum posts have been made to it showing how to fix it and some said you have tio go into serveices and change something to clibbopard but its not here...so just do what i said at the top which is restart youre computer

thats all...


Was fun in Quebec City...

Had a really fun time in qc last week and now it is 7 days since we arrived home so was very fun


oh wow...been a while

it has been almost a year since i have posted on this blog. I just wanted to update all 2 or 3 of you that follow this what i'm up to for the last few months..

I've been going through a rough patch in my life. Trying to forget someone is kinda hard when you have to see things that remind you of this and that.

Im doing well otherwise. just had to clean my computer yesterday...i had finally made it to the 0bytes level and was able (using ccleaner and uninstallstilling programs like overwolf got me back to 1.something GB which is awesome...

I cant wait till the days of 20+ degrees  in summer...just a few more weeks and then were at least something closer to having just a sweater or a t shirt...cant wait...

Pool still covered with at least 4 or 5 inches of snow so no swimming for anytime soon...just cant wait i said

forum is still seeing activity as for steve (kingsak) and angie and ashley and jusjt tonite troy came back for a couple of seconds. Hope to see him more often,..and angie is getting more members or trying to...

its been snowing alot here in the past few weeks and theres a ton of snow on the ground and every other day it snows again so were along way from those hot hot days of summer...

anyways if you want to join my forum its at darrenelliott.proboards.com

hope to see you there.....