merry xmas wherever you are this holiday season

Hello all bloggers out there that are reading my blog at all, merry xmas to you and your family and to everyone in general to have a merry xmas and a happy new year.
 I just completed my level 1 Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance training and failed from not teaching it correctly. I knew I wasn't going to get it anyways but at least I made it through the 4 daysI met a few new people this week and I'm glad for meeting a bunch keen on learning. I did well on the skiing part of it, yet failed more on the teaching aspect of it. 
I have not written any new songs yet but I have written a few new poems and have transcribed the song lyrics from my book into .txt form. That was done so that I always have a second copy and can print one off at any time.
U2 still stinks, Theory Of A Deadman still rocks!!
happy holidays from the Elliott household


is this a gay idea or what? plus update on things

I recently lost my cell phone, and I was thinking it would be cool for the phone makers and phone service providers could allow phones to have a tracking system so that at all times you would know where your phone is. It sounds to me like this could help a lot of frustrated phone owners that cant even get the call to get their phone (like me) through because the battery is dead so even if I could call it, it would do nothing to benefit anyone.
So I'm home now, loving every minute of it, lots of work to do, with six horses 4 cats and a dog to take care of, there's no time to slack off, or there's not a lot of time to do nothing. I will be working somewhere in southwest Ontario, possibly cobble hills, but I'm not sure I want to work there, I'm going to have to work at somewhere else, like St Marys or Stratford, London or Kitchener.


4 cats, a dog, 6 horses and shit coming up the wazoo!!

So im here in ontario for a few months, cant play BF2 but i can play BF42 whenever i want, ive been signed up for the level 1 ski teaching course, though if i pass i may not use it at all it will just be there just in case.

Ive already been set up to work at cobble, though id rather start my own company because i havent learned from my previous job yet.

so im unemployed right now ill see what happens