sippin' on a froster...

In the past ive had Dr Pepper + Sour Apple and i go mixing and sometimes
matching. I love frosters. They hit the spot and the smallest one is only

thats all have a good day..

Heres a good photo, (From left to right) Phil, Me, Chris 2, and Dave.

Ok so focus in on this photo, im looking stoned, phils on happy drugs or summthin, chris is staring right at daves blunt, anticipating the moment he will be "hittin" that thing!!...


oops, a mistake...

so im walking around town in and out of a internet cafe thinking tonites
open mike tonite, it wasnt untill i got to the caribou st almost making it
to bruno's before forgetting that its tuesday and open mikes not till
tomorrow nite...oh well for now you can read the latest on bear 66's last
cub alive in the Crag and Canyon link to the right.



I can feel you near me again
with the the thoughts on my mind i cant comprehend
I feel your beauty again
youre perfume is what i can smell


Chorus-G D Am

I really wish you were here
I wouldnt have to cry tears
you make my world clear

Yes you make my world clear

I dont know if i can forget
the one who holds my heart
5 years since ive seen you
im sorry for all the things ive done to you


Things dont always work out
hurts so much i want to shout
i dont really know what to do
all i know is that i want you.

The End (for now)

you should have seen darcy playing my song on the keyboard....

day 1 after eating a red hot chilli pepper

man those things are hot. They were very small and i was sure they would pack a punch and they did. Im just glad its not burning my mouth anymore.

I am havind a good afternoon on my day off. Yesterday was my sisters 31st b-day. Good to see her, its been a while, but we are in the same town!!

Most of the mountains are covered in snow very briskly, not alot of it. Probably will melt in next 2-3 days. It will go back to being snow covered when it rains again which could be anytime this week.

Attention safeway shoppers, if you went to the vending machines, last week and selected a coke and get a rootbeer, my apologies. I ran out of space to put RB while refilling and put a few in the coke one. I am truly sorry.

Current Mood:Delightful
Current Music:Writing my own!!

just hopin people are reading...

its 12:05 in the am. I dont have to work tomorrow.

Ill get some more photos uploaded soon.

That is all.

I cried tonite, 1st time in nearly 6 months!!

I am tired, not going out drinking...sleep is my issue and lots of it...




I dont want to waste anyones time here but if you shop at safeway and you ride your bike. Please do not leave them in our shopping cart corrals. They are for shopping carts and maybe they might be empty but once and a while a certain someone  has to use them to store carts at least 90% of the time and with bikes bein in the way its hard to move around them!!

That is all

Mustang ID

can anyone ID this mustang??


Long Day Today

Long day at safeway today, lots of thoughts as to what my week is going to be like, since i have no idea what my shedule is missing from the board. So ill be in tomorrow at 10 am no matter if its scheduled that im off (but if it states im off, im out the door).

Burned a good edition of Boy, without "the ocean" but with North and south of the River and a few other slow and quiet ones. I like some of the slower songs by U2. Boy has such good shit, man. I mean songs like twilght get me rollin.I cant believe I will follow is on that album. I dont rember it being on that album. Its been on countless ablum. The other song i love is "A Day without Me". So materielistic of those days. I dont listen to "Another Time Another Place" that much. So there are limited songs on boy i actually like.

I have to post more photos on here.


couple topics

Friday night i had an incredible night, had lots to drink had fun dancing, tho when we came back to this ladys place it was nearing 4 30 am or so. We talked for a long time. I had started to drift off now and then and the one thing im confused about is there was a girl looked like she was pointing at me. I dont really know who she was!!

im taking my mind thru that night to see if i can figure out what was going on. Now i know a few guys that work at kellers and were the compitition to kellers. Totally.

I burned a cd of u2's Boy album with all songs except for The Ocean. Oh well. Ive got stateless and walk to the water and north and south of the river added on to the end!!


"i builds a fire, fire"

Its kinda chilly here today but being the 1st week of september i can come to expect that. I am so ready for the winter season, not much for expecting -34 degree weather. Its not nice because ive walked to my siters place once (123 Otter) from mc donalds with a coke in my left hand and my right hand in my pocket and every 5 mins i would switch, thats how cold it was!!

But im feeling good!!!

"When im calling over,i builds a fire fire, im going home!!"-bono, from october album