what other person..

"Ah, emotions. Can't live without 'em, but sometimes, like on the 1st and 2nd, you might wish you could. Well, instead of trying to wish your emotions away as the month begins, do your best to be glad you have them, even if they're a little bit difficult sometimes. After all, they are a sign of health. Not only that, but they are very helpful guides as you navigate this thing called 'life.' Difficulties point you to the places where you might need to do some extra work, or make some changes, or let yourself be yourself more completely. By the highly ambitious 6th and 7th, you're in overdrive. You know what you want and by golly, you are going to get it. Great! Just don't forget to keep working out, while you're go-getting, particularly on the tricky 10th, 11th and 12th. You're a star, the super-shiny 13th and 14th. So sparkle! If you have family (or urban family) obligations on the 20th, 21st or 22nd, fulfill them. It'll be fun. Take your time on the 27th and 28th. After all, you need to focus on the other person. Wrap up the month with more emotions on the 30th. How does that feel?"
um...there is no other person at the moment...what do they mean
Darren Elliott
Jet Aircraft Museum


Its Taken 3 years to make it to this

This photo posted below, taken in 2009 was supposed to be the arrival of two more t-33’s to london. This is where being with the jet aircraft museum began. As tomorrow begins a new day and we start up 346 for an official flight. All the work thats been done with these aircraft id like to thank all the guys in the Jet aircraft museum maintenance division of JAM a big thanks for all your work.


Most of all the big things that have happened at Jam was in the  year 2009. Thats when 90% of the aircraft had been flown in. There were times of joy there were times of sadness. Before i took this photo i had been hanging aorund with these guys waiting for two aircraft to leave CPZ3 Mountainview, Ontario and fly to london, they had a short window of a few hours before the clouds moved in or soemthing and they tried and tried but the fix took longer than they thought and so we had to go or leave or whatever. I was finishing off my college degree at the time and the JAM building was where these guys are all standing. Every afternoon when i was done my classes id go to the airport and wouldnt be back untill after 8 or 9 pm as i watched katanas and cessnas and twin pipers.


In 2009 at the 1st Doors open i met the current (at the time)London Mayor, Anne Marie Decicco best. This was our official grand opening. I was there early with dad to help set up and to get things ready before dawning the reflective vest to go work the parking lot. I actually guided Mrs Best to where she should park. I would have thought shed have the biggest security force and haver her own bus or limo or other ways of transportation but she didnt and she came with her 1990’s Pontiac Grand Am type car. Anyways I also met the President of the CYXU Airport as he was there to cut the ribbon. Like i said it was the  first offical grand opening and all the ones since then have been there to get more word out/referrals etc to other people that we are there.

We had a few aircraft visitors who came to have a burger and a break in their schedules. 3 Harvards from CHAA in tilsonburg flew in. We had a ryan navion piainted up like a luftwaffe FW-190 (C-FWOL). We also had two russian jets an L-39 #69 and an L-29. It was a fun day…


hope tomorrow is as better as that one was