its like a merging of usernames..

when i started becomimg more of having a presence of being on the internet i used a swell number of usernames/aliases i used. At the time about 2003 i had so many that i wasnt sure what i would do with all of them...most were on yahoo and the one that stuck out in my mind was ford8nguy. It was one i used on all ford 8n websites that i was using like nseries.com and a few others.

After my interest in ford 8ns died out (still love them) but another type of interest caught my eye. It was muscle cars. I always loved muscle cars since i was about 13 or 14 and really didnt have a favorite untill i saw a pic and the sound of the engine online.  It was the most beautiful car ive ever seen in my life..bigger than any of the other muscle cars. It was the 1966 Dodge Charger. So since i was only a fan of the 66, it was obvious the name 66chargerfan was a good username that i could come up with. in fact alot of things i was doing online was using 66chargerfan for any forum or website. 

in about that time i was learning how to play guitar and so i created a username i only used for a few sites called acousticsoul. it didnt last long...i only used it for about 9 months then i got rid of it but if you search acousticsoul "darren elliott" youll find that there are a few old websites that i havent visited since 03 or 04. Then....

Then i really didnt have one for my guitar very much until i thought about how my old idol at the time had an old nickname where he added the word vox which i believe is a word meaning voice. And so i have not the best voice in the world i decided to use my name and add vox to it hence darrenvox was born. This is one i use for everything and will be my primary username for anything and everything and i will eventually get rid of 66chargerfan and acousticsoul by asking if admins of forums can change my username to darrenvox and so far a few have and that is my project for the next few weeks....

thats all