Year End Review

So it comes time to look back at the year that was 2019!!

-spent NYE and NYD at home and by the tv.

-nothing big

-snow began to melt 

-spent my bday at home

-sun coming back and starting to roll and cut grass

-21/22 1st trip to a new cottage that my sister's boyfriend's family had rented from June to thanksgiving... I fell in the lake/river and will tell you the story below

-3 fishing trip to port bruce
12-14 helped set up and takedown for canterbury folk festival in Ingersoll Ontario0
20th or so we drive up to the cottage to visit for a night or two

-nothing big

-same old same old

-we drive up to the cottage to stay and try to pick up the kayaks, we have the holders but no straps so we plan to come back again after a few weeks

-In November I and my sister went back to the cottage to try to retrieve the kayaks, it was clear weather going up but not very clear coming down...


So during the trip back to the cottage in June, we brought up some kayaks that my dad bought a few years ago!!

During the time after we arrived at the cottage, we sat out on the deck and drank some beer, where we also went and offloaded the kayaks, we also put them in the lake. We toured the area which I hadn't been to ever but my sister had been to a few times. On coming back to the cottage I was about to wave at a boater who was fishing and watching us at the same time and flipped over (was not wearing any dry suits or anything) and managed to float to the surface and find my sister wondering what happened to me.  We decided to float (with me holding the kayak I was in and my sister towing me) to a nearby dock and I was gonna get out and get right back into the kayak and we kayaked back to the cottage. When we came up onto shore I started wondering bout my wallet and phone but then it hit me, "OMFG am I so lucky!!, I left my phone and wallet in the cabin before I left for the kayak trip lol!!"

Later that night I was trying to dry my pants and shirt and sweater (which I was wearing at the time of the flip) and I couldn't get them any dryer so we waited till next day and dried them on the porch ledge, and left them for a few hours before we left later that same day!!


That was the most interesting story I can leave you with


Another way to get more YouTube subscribers!!

Taken from my forum (link on the sidebar) and edited to be directed in other ways!!


I'm going to be fair here about some ways to get more followers. When I started youtube I thought id have no followers and no one would like me at all. but that changes every time I see that I have a new subscriber.

The one way I've been getting subs is sort of easy and hard at the same time, it is "pushing my channel" and in its own words "trying to get it out there to the masses" to people who may not know about it. One way I've been going about it is when I go on TeamSpeak or facebook is ill talk ab it about a video I'm posting and then when people watch it, they have the subscriber button there to hit if they are logged in but not all will see the video and it depends on the location of the video and or the youtube channel link so you may have to do some of that on facebook or twitter or you're website or wherever you feel comfortable. I'm a member at discord and I find if there is tons of people that come and chat and I'm able to talk to people I sub to and ask them nicely to sub back to me. that's what is getting me to 65 or whatever...

So it doesn't matter where you go to push/network/showcase your youtube channel just do it and do it well, I have my youtube channel linked on some other forums and people can see the link and click on the video, but what I'm gonna say next is gonna worry you or get you anxious...we as YouTubers never know if our vids or channels are gonna get subbed to, it all comes down to if they like what they see and want to see more or if they see something that offends them, think back to when you search for vids or channels to sub, what's your thought of if you want to sub to them? huh...its usually you like that video and like the channel that gets you to subscribe to them right? that's right...

Being on a forum or group on FB or Reddit,has its great pleasures as you can just tell people about your youtube channel (which you've done) and get those vids to people who want to see them and push the channel to other members but you can't just figure that only this place will get all your subs from here..you can post your vids and channel link here as much as possible, but you can't just think this place will be where my subs come from. you have to get out there and showcase your youtube channel to everyone, maybe if your a member of another forum, but that link to the channel in the signature or something...so ya you are welcome to post links of youtube on those groups as much as possible (the more the better) but you cant think all your subscribers are gonna see it at those places...reason is not everyone in the world knows that those individual groups or subreddits unless they are well known are going to take a while for everyone to know they exist, so they have to find those placed first...so I'm not saying you can't post links on those platforms, you just can't say "I'm only posting it on those platforms" and never post it elsewhere to get more subs or views...

For me when I do this I go to other forums and showcase it or post a link to a video or something so that most can see it and if they want to subscribe to me they can...and in discord I do this as well...a much as possible and you know what happens after a while someone mentions it to their friend and their friend mentions it to their friend and so on and so on. if you really work it, it shouldn't be hard for you to get subs but for the first 1000 it's going to be hard because I haven't made it to the 100 or 1000 mark yet...but I push /showcase it all over the place... it's getting better but its a slow pace. it is really important to do this as it's "like getting a job, like when you call several times to see if they have looked at your resume" but calling too much is a hindrance to getting that job you want!!

Another note about subs is content, you've got to please your fans/subs as much as possible and try to do what they want as much as possible and thank them for that. and make sure to note that they want more of that...if they are good subs they will ask nicely and be ok if you can't do that right now or won't do it, the worst ones are the one that threatens you and wants you to do it now and those you must keep away from...block the comments if you can...

You can also not go on what followers say or recommend maybe you can do a video about something you might want to get into and stuff right...don't forget to VLog (video blogging) telling us what you might be up to and don't tell us anything specific on where exactly this place you've been is or where you are going right now...etc...just watch out for that...

So keep up the good work and enjoy the rest of your youtube career...

Read more: http://darrenelliott.proboards.com/thread/426/youtubers-more-subscribers#ixzz5xSjRbIAR


the discrepancy for a previous u2 album

Ever since people started shouting at Apple and U2 in 2014 for what a flop it was on the side of the release not of the songs. But every once and a while another article gets posted on how bad and how much of an outcry it was. Everyone was parading in unhappiness that u2 released it wrong!!

I fear you not though, as I can help you understand what really happened and put this all to bed super quick!! In 2014 u2 was about to release the album "Songs of Innocence" and decided to partner with Apple. This transition allowed them to release the album at a certain time and for free for all apply music or Itunes pay users. Instead of saying "you can download this now, it's free" they decided to say it was "in everyone's phones" and which caused outrage as people thought the album was added to their apple music (btw It was Itunes until Apple Music came into play only about a year prior to this album being released.

The announcer for apple (after Mr. Jobs passed) announced they were going to release one of U2's upcoming albums and that's where the chaos began when really they had never been sent to everyone's phone it was just to be uploaded to the Apple Music Store for Free!!!

I thought that was amazing and songs that came out were very amazing, nothing like u2 had ever put out at all!!

I hope this helps you to understand the mishap!!


An interesting trip and other wired things...

things are the same as usual, and summer is amazeballs!!

took a trip to parry sound area back in June and loved it... I fell into the lake...

here's the story:

middle of June me and my sister (seen in background pic)travel up to a cottage, near lost channel Ontario. we're just here to drop off some kayaks, enjoy some summer sun. We drive 4.5 hours starting at 8:30am (while staying off major highways (401/400). We stopped at many places and had many washroom breaks and gas breaks too!!  

We stopped at the CFB Borden Base, unlike most forces bases that are blocked by a gate and they won't let the general public in but this one is a dormant and only a ground-based force as the airport has closed for many years... We thought we'd go into the museum at the forces base, but it was closed on a Monday!! took some pics of the planes and helicopter outside the museum. 

Hours passed and then we arrived and had seen that (and remembered as well)that parry sound had two airports, 1) parry sound municipal  2) the water one further into the town. We decided since it was open and not far to it so we went and viewed the location and then went in to get a coffee or something... Iand t had a burger and my sister had a coffee, (which unbeknownst to me I didn't know she was just coming in for a coffee and if I had known that I would have ordered just a drink!!).

Not much action at the airport, just a few planes and few people passing by!

After an hour or so we get back in the car and are only an hour or so away from this cottage, and we stop into parry sound for some supper supplies I go into Sobeys and Traci goes into the Canadian Tire, both of us getting stuff for supper and other supplies, I come out of Sobeys and am hoping my sister (Traci) will be ready to get back in the car but shes not in the car waiting (she has the keys!!)  and while I'm waiting in near 25+ *C weather I see my sister coming out and then talks to someone who has an SUV parked in a weird way and I go over to ask her whats this about and it was someone who drove over a piece of wood or something... we were able to get her some CAA tuck to help her get back to home...

When we saw that she was ok, we headed towards the cabin. An hour on the highways was nice, a good change of scenery. After we arrived at the cabin, we proceeded to unpack all the stuff we had and moved into the cabin. It was 5-6pm and we decided to sit on the (wobbly) deck and enjoy a beer. We tried to work out how to drink beer as we had these mosquito nets on our heads. I found if you lift it a few times you can fit your beer and not have to worry about the mosquitos!!

After hanging out and drinking a beer we thought it would be better to jump into the kayaks that were on the roof the last few hours. it was hard getting into them ourselves, but we got in them still having or mosquitos nets on. We paddle nearly 1/3 of the whole river/lake and then decide it's getting late and there might be a storm and we head back, on getting near the dock and getting out I went to wave at the boater who had cut his engines to do some trolling and I wanted to wave to him and turned to mush and that's where I fell in, with my jeans sweater and all the fixings. That's what I had on me, but I'm glad that I didn't have the cell phone or wallet as I may have lost those in the splash into the water. So we swam/kayaked to a nearby dock I got out and omg I was soaked to the bone!! What was I doing with jeans and a sweater on you ask? it was getting somewhat late in the afternoon just turning into the evening and I wanted to wear something warm and when we made the decision to go kayaking I never changed into anything else.

That night we had some pizza made from some dought we (earlier in the trip) were used to cool and chill some foodstuffs, it wasn't until later in the trip we realized it was pizza dough. Fast forward to the evening and we made some small pizzas out of what we had and spent time reading and chatting and listening to the radio. My clothes spent the night in the closet.

We wake up the next morning to head back to my home and eventually my sis would go back to her place. My clothes even in the night didn't get much drier so when I woke up I put them in the hot sun, it only took a few half hours to dry. When they dried we were on our way back home. We drove to parry sound which we found a place to park near the smelting wharf and found a trail which, in the years I've been in parry sound (10 years ago, and much much long ago) had never occurred to me a nice walking trail existed (its called fitness trail, runs from salt dock road, past the Waubuno park/beach, and past some cottages before heading to the more downtown part of Pary Sound. From there we walked to find a patio to watch planes and enjoy some food, we settled on a new establishment called the "Flight Deck Grill" and so we went to it and had some amazing food!! You are like 10 feet from the planes and able to relax and eat food!

After eating till the cows come home we headed out and on the highway, we only stop once and a while for gas and restrooms, etc. Within a few half hours, we are in sight of Barrie, where we normally turn off the highway south of Barrie and we have a back way to get home but there was a crash and the road we wanted off from 400 was closed, so we drove to 401, and then because she had to work the next day and couldn't get me back to my place o stayed at her place for the night, wherein the middle of the next day my dad picked me up and we went home...and I've been home ever since!!

End of story!

you can find some pics on my facebook


Some updates...

Did you notice im not posting much?? I havent been around to say hello much or to post here..well thats gonna change.  Ive been not that busy just have almost forgotten to check back here again...   Life is goung well and just continuing to do my daily stuff...im sorry i havent posted in a while...