happy new year.

tomorrow will be the new day and  a new year of 2011 im so used to writing 2010 it'll be hard getting to know 2011 and getting used to wrtiting it as well.

happy new year


merry xmas

have a happy xmas everyone no matter where you are these days...

keep safe and have fun!!!


2010 in review

about this time every year, i  try to do a wrap up of the big things i did this year.

December=31/ January 1st- went to mark langois's buck and doe, and then closer the the "hour " we went to cobble hills to hang with freinds drink and be merry

January-nothing big

Febuary-Olymipic Week @Cobble. I entered a snow volleyball comptetiton and won a pair of mp3 sunglasses, and a box of mike and ikes. My team of allan brander, matt and me. We won by default.The team we were supposed to play left the hill. Good times.

March-nothing big

21st-went with fundraisig team at JAM to Air Combat Zone. Meeting was nice talked about all the cool plans and then went to the sim room.  i was d-man, derek was cardinal, paul was ??? and dave was maverick. Someone shot me down, but....but...i shot someone else while falling down to the ground.

May-3rd, mom in an accident on the way home  from the doctor, was rushed to local hospital and put inder a medical coma of sorts.

19th Traci flew to the west to get her car and drive home. The plan was for me to meet her in winnipeg and continue to ontario. I landed in winnipeg 21st or something.She didnt even have time to park at the entrance before i hopped into the car and we were on our way. We stopped overnight in kenora, then continued to  dryden where we had planned the night before to go see a friends parents place and they werent home so we took some pictures isntead...

We continued to drive past shale rocks and trees almost like a cartoon uses the same background in animations or cartoons. Untill ta-da the lakes started showing up. We continued all the way through northern ontario and i drove a bit.The night before, we planned out where we were going to stop over and we thought wed go from kenora to wawa, stay over and then try to continue on from there. But it got late and i we saw a travelodge at the side of the road and we were both yawning alot, so we said its about time to stop.and so we did. That night we opened the map and made a plan so that we knew what we were doing the next day. We did quite a good job of planning becuse we drove all the way home in one day from marathon, mind you we stopped a million times to take in the view. What a beautiful place northern ontario is. We also stopped a long time at the most beautiful place on the border of northern and southern ontatio Perry Sound is beautiful town/city and we stopped for a photo opp, supper and some particualrily famous ice cream at the floatplane base...

This is about the time the signs start showing the  400 series freeways on them instead of the normal highway  one. We are coming into an area of ontario ive seen before, as its not like what i had been driving in before i got to that point. Id never been in northern ontaaaaario. And then my cool and i know what im doing ego comes in as i had started to remeber a secret way home we used to drive to skii hills near arthur and had not driven this route in ages. We managed to make it home before sunrise the next day!! The END

June-weekly visits from mom and the NRC team. It was good to see mom home as ahe had be aching to get home and back to her chores.

July-Uncle david visit. July-13-27. Introduced him to my pilot friend Turbo at the JAM open house. A suprize vist by a crew of a c-130 from trenton or somewhere and dave got to chatting with them.
Also went to a car show and a movie with him.

August- lots of swimming, grass cutting

September-more grass and swimming. etc etc..
joined buffalo airways virtual.

October-flew in the haloween flight for buffalo airways virtual and more grass cutting. Ryan and jess flew home for thanksgiving. As well a the auzzie's and the torontonian stratfordite relllys visited.

Movember-snow falling, flew in the rememberance day flight

December-so far so good!!

Happy Holidays and Have a Happy and Safe New Yea


Mark Dailey passes away

I grew up with a tv with 3 to 4 channels. One was usually london, then kitchener and toronto and sometimes (with the right antenna setting wed get CBC. So i spent a lot of time in between those channels and one channel in particular was torontos city tv. Everytime the programming went to commercial youd hear mark dailey say "city tv its the news out here " or something. Wasnt much but it has lasted all these years...

Toronto will miss you mark.

its december

hey world its me. Im blogging again. Not that anyones listening that is. Im watching a lot of corner gas, dr oz and a few others.  I have been thinking aout ony 1 thing...the boeing 737-200. It's the most beautiful aircraft ive ever seen.  Not to forget the 727 and 707.  The old smokers as they used to call them. Not sure what they were smoking but they were loud.  I love the 737-200 because of how wonderfully cool it looks.  In some angles it looks like a flighter plane.
Cobble hills is open soon.
Snowing here at the moment