Thinking about this girl I met out west

Sorry about the delay on this but I've been thinking about this girl I met out west a lot, she really shook my heart and broke it as well. I do t want to dwell on the past too much but this girl is so wonderfull and she's my dream girl, my horoscopes are saying soming about a girl from a recent past and so maybe she still likes me I dunno... Anyways time to update the blog at least... they are still skiing out west so maybe it's time to go skiing out west


very warm outside

its not even the beginning of april and were only in the 1st half of march and the temperatures are up into the double digits, tomorrow is going to be plus 20 degrees ferenheit. Its so very odd that its more like summer and we havent even hit march 21at which is the first day of spring!!

thats all!!