stumped the pros...

this is one of my courses i created for Tiger Woods PGA2003 look at his shot amount



i was watching an old version of the movie jesus, from the mid 70's to the world of today. Im not sure if what in the movie was correct or not but they made fun of him and ripped/burned his cloak...take that to todays world and you see kids making fun of younger kids that they dont understand like jesus was not believed by others, ya know.

If i was alive when he was i would believe in what he was doing and that he wasnt what everyone else thought of him at the time that it was all a joke...


a common misconception

is it true that there is a difference between god and jesus...for some many a year ive believe that jesus is the son of god, as he was killed on either good friday or easter monday, dont ask me ive never understood it...im agnostic...

does everyone take this for granted or am i the only one??