no blogs since may

i am so sorry for the delay in no posts since may 2014 but not much has been going on...at least with my life...had a great summer. went on a few good day trips and had lots of fun

im starting to make a list of all the arports that ieve been to in the real world like collingwood in march and orrila in august

went to six mile lake in ontario had a great little time with my sister we fished and canoed and did alot of fun things...

then in sept or early october we went to goderich and saw the airport, had supper at the park house where nothing happened there in 1898 or whatever....had some reall nice food there as the sun went down.

all in all its been a "ive been there in flightsim but never in real life" kinda years...

  1. March-Collingwood
  2. May-Vancouver
  3. August-Orillia
  4. Sept-Oct-Goderich
and more....