the last 3 teeth out...thank god

i finally have all 4 wisdom teeth out and once again have my teeth are frozen. I can barely talk at all so im updating you on that.

i hate having my teeth frozen, its one of the weirdest feelings in the world. Im hoping it goes away soon.



addicted to muncho's and diet coke

it seems any day goes by and i cant stop wanting a bag of munchos and a diet coke and im not sure why i cant go a day without it but i know im addicted to it...



the thing about fanshawe is

Im always close to CYXU. Which means if JAM needs me to move things around or anything im usually driving round the area where JAM is. I met a guy whos just joined in the last few months who flies out of Discovery Air which is on Huron St where it extends past XU aviation. All they have stored in the hanger is C-FPWB which is a Cesna Citation 505 i think.

He says if they need to ferry the jet over to CYCE Huron Centrailia and she says he wants to allow me to fly with him. I gave him my email and phone number so just in case he wants to fly with me he can.

School os going good so far and there's now only 13 going on 12 weeks left...

The only thing that bugs me about CYXU is that there's no proper place to watch planes come in. You cant spend alot of time on final to RWY 15 because of traffic. But you can spend as long as you want at final to RWY 33 because there's not alot of traffic going on creamery road.

The grass needs to be cut and hasnt been touched in 4 or 5 years. Id love to cut grass there just to make others happy in watching planes...

anyways if you have any comment please feel free to join the Southwestern Ontario Aviation Boards or SWOAB for short at http://swoa.freeforums.com



tooth removed....

I now have 1 of 4 wisdom teeth removed the other day. Pain removed. I now feel much better and have not had as much pain as i had the other day...

other than that i have no problems in life and things are ok...


great weekend...

I had a blast this past weekend at the kithchener waterloo aviation expo. I got to hang out with a few new people i had only met at the last JAM meeting. if you dont know what jam is, heres what it is.

The JET AIRCRAFT MUSEUM (JAM) exists to create and maintain a dynamic and living history of the modern age Royal Canadian Air Force and to provide permanent honour for those valiant Canadian men and women who flew these aircraft with distinction in periods of war, peace, and peace keeping.

JAM is a not for profit foundation that has as its primary purposes the acquisition, display, preservation, maintenance and, most importantly, providing in flight demonstrations for the people of Canada now and for generations to come. The JAM mission is to combine the creation and operation of museum housing: aircraft, historical artifacts, records, and salient memorabilia, while simultaneously keeping representative historic aircraft in the air whenever and wherever major aviation events are held across Canada and at appropriate international centres.
The Museum has been granted charitable status by the Canada Revenue Agency.
The model for the establishment of JAM is the immensely successful Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association (CHAA), which was created in 1986 and has preserved, trained pilots for, and flown and continues to fly this legendary Air force training aircraft at important aviation events in both Canada and the U.S. It is significant that the founder of CHAA and many of its senior volunteer members are among the founding leadership of JAM.

The ultimate objective of the Museum is to have one or more flyable versions of major jet aircraft used by Canada’s armed forces since we entered the military jet age in 1944. These include Canada’s first, the Vampire, the CT-133 T-Bird, CT-114 Tutor and others.
One significant opportunity has already materialized. The acquisition of six T-Bird aircraft have been purchased from the Government of Canada and favourable financing has already been established to facilitate this acquisition. This two seater jet trainer, Canadian built by Canadair in Montreal was the workhorse trainer for Canada’s Armed Forces for some 50 years. JAM anticipates that the T-Bird will be its main in-the-air demonstration aircraft until the Tutors become available in 2012 and/or when circumstances permit acquisition of other aircraft.
Meanwhile, equally important, a suitable home for the T Birds and other aircraft as they are acquired has been established at the London, Ontario International Airport.
Once acquired, the Museum plans ground and aircrew training programs and the establishment of rigorous maintenance, service, safety and operational control procedures.
The Museum offers full voting membership to everyone interested in preserving Canada’s noble jet age heritage. Governance is provided by a Board of Directors and officers.

JAM is supported by the CANADIAN T-BIRD AIRCRAFT MUSEUM FOUNDATION. All inquiries for the Foundation can be made by contacting Bob Hewitt at rhewitt@xplornet.com
The Canada Revenue Agency has started an initiative to educate donors who may wish to give to a charity. They have now a DONOR WEB SITE called Giving To Charity: Information to Donors which can be reached at http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/donors/

I helped paint the Tug that should be in the images section soon on the website.

I hung out with a new friend of mine named Dave Kreutzkamp who is the graphic designer for JAM and can help me im sure with photoshop stuff. As well as being just an aviation buddy i find hes such a nice guy. I find hes doing a good job for JAM as well.

As for me, im in alot of frequent pain this morning, couldnt sleep because my wisdom tooth was acting up and went to the dentist this morning and he said i have an absessed tooth and my right wisdom tooth is about ready for coming out so im sitting here on the computer with an icepack and checking emails and blogging...i have an appointment in woodstock at 1pm to take a look at the abessesed tooth..

later days..