the thing about fanshawe is

Im always close to CYXU. Which means if JAM needs me to move things around or anything im usually driving round the area where JAM is. I met a guy whos just joined in the last few months who flies out of Discovery Air which is on Huron St where it extends past XU aviation. All they have stored in the hanger is C-FPWB which is a Cesna Citation 505 i think.

He says if they need to ferry the jet over to CYCE Huron Centrailia and she says he wants to allow me to fly with him. I gave him my email and phone number so just in case he wants to fly with me he can.

School os going good so far and there's now only 13 going on 12 weeks left...

The only thing that bugs me about CYXU is that there's no proper place to watch planes come in. You cant spend alot of time on final to RWY 15 because of traffic. But you can spend as long as you want at final to RWY 33 because there's not alot of traffic going on creamery road.

The grass needs to be cut and hasnt been touched in 4 or 5 years. Id love to cut grass there just to make others happy in watching planes...

anyways if you have any comment please feel free to join the Southwestern Ontario Aviation Boards or SWOAB for short at http://swoa.freeforums.com


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