the amzing world of aviation

i find it awesome when looking through hundreds upon hundreds of aircraft pictures on airliners.net every day, its amazing how some of these planes can get off the ground at all.

I see plane pictures of planes on their last lease on life and ones just starting out on life and those in between. Its sometimes sad to see old planes you saw flying around you getting ready to be scrapped and you know you cant do anything to stop them from torching them to bare metal...

i always find funny pictures to look at and laugh or cry or whatever....its a fun thing to do...

anyways have a good day...


best 737-700 liveries

these are the top -700 liveries...by darren elliott



3.Climber Sterling


5.House Colours

6.Westjet (Care-antee)






june 1996...world record

no im not talking about high shcool but what happened back in 1996, A volga Depner AN-124 landed at CYXU, not sure if it was the first or not bu it did land and it had a very good delivery to make, for the 1st time ever a new workld record was for 148 tonnes for an Irish city train to be deliverd from CYXU-EIDW i believe it was dublin but it could have been further, im not sure..

anyways i want to try to re create this in flight sim though i dont know how i will do that realistically...

heres a pic of the train i found online...this came from london ontario...i might be riding this someday when i go to dublin.



computer needs to go back into store to be reformatted...

I got my computer back last week and it still doesnnt work...but the guy said if i bring it back in i could reformat it and reinstall windows....

the folders i need to be copied are "My Documents" "Microsoft Games" I have all the games but id be lost without all the planes i have added to my flightsim, Then i want to try to see if i can copy the PAI files on my desktop (the files are only like 1.5MB but id have to find them again) then wipe the computer and reinstall windows xp....so i hope to be flying on my computer by the first of march.

i dont think copying all the files are going to take that long but i might have to wait as other computers are getting fixed...we just brought it home to take it out of their shelf so they wouldnt have to deal with it again so im expecting 2 or 3 days...should only take that long to to wait for other computers thatg are in the que to get fixed...

other than that....thats alll thats new...oh ya the flames won again!!! go flames!!