ah i love banff!!

Usually theres not much to do during the day but at night it really gets going. Not alot of gift stores are open during the night only the bars and night clubs. The best one is aurora. The hoodoo is more of a young guy/girl hang out and has more of the grunge/alt rock music going on. Most of the time when you walk in there, you might hear 50 cent rapping about his candy shop or something else.

But aurora is like stratford's classics. Its more of one id like to go to often but not before a day of work!!

I might head over to the banff ave inn, in about 20 mins....

other than that nothing else is up...



long day at work today....

it was so funny this am there was no people in the store or not too many at the checkouts. But as the day progressed it went faster.

I have monday and  wednesday off this upcoming week.

until then i work all weekend!!

happy halloween



flight 558,

Was a nice flight this am. We left early and arrived early, so if i fly next time and they are late then they call it even!!!

I spent like 2.5 hours in the CYYC airport trying to do things while waiting for my sky shuttle to arrive. They have one leaving at like 12pm then like ever 2 hrs or so.

Its snowing in banff!!

I got a free hot chocolate from evelyns cofee shop from chantel. Thanks!!


"and its you when i look in the mirror..."

had a nice jam session today with kelly. We really hit it with SYCMIOYO. And
man i have more power in my voice. She sometimes says that i maybe i dont
need voice lessons cause im doing just fine. But when i needed lessons years
ago, im sure shed have more to help me with...

shes a beautiful lady and she invited me to a performance tonite in
stratford but with me not having a car/licence i have no way to get

oh well

booked a flight next thursday and i work the next day and holy i cant
believe im so lucky to have a boss like sean and john. They sya yes to
everything i do. I feel blessed to have them!!


"stateless, weightless, hey bliss"-u2

Lately ive been listenin to stateless, the song that was on the Million
Dollar Hotel album/single. I realy like it. I listen ro it and i think, was
bono sad and depressed when he wrote it? Just from the sound of bonos voice
its sounds like he has no energy to sing the song.It sounds different to the
song ive heard from him. But then again this album came out around the pop
album era.

In other things. Ive been removing alot of files of my computer just to give
it some memory space!!

Im in an uploading frenzy



my medical condition....mostly all my life

I dont think many people know this and are into medical contitions, but
since i was a little baby i have been growth hormone deficient. Which means
i needed injections every day just to keep me alive, well and young. It
wasnt till i was in my early 20's that i stopped taking them and my body
didnt need it as it had enough to keep me growing. But no matter what i
couldnt grow past 5 foot 11 inches.

Im also hypoglycemic, which means if i dont eat right my blood sugar goes
way down then comes up sor something. As you can tell i can sometimes never
understand whats wrong with me..

And also i have a medic alert bracelet that has the long words of
"Hypopituitarism" whish means i just have an over active pituitary gland. We
all know the size of the thing. Its about the size of a pea.

I am finally getting to know what everything means and how much it can save
my life.



Iain Campbell, (pictured) is sitting on the back porch saying no i dont want a photo but it almost looks as if hes sayin speak to the hand!!

I knew iain for a while, he was a really good roomy, i got to know him then all of a sudden he left to go home, back to St Andrews, in the UK. He is a good guitar player. I can recount many times sitting on the back porch and hearing him play some godsmack or something good.

I still hear from him the odd time, i try not to bug him so much by email so i email him whenever i get new photos from the "house".