2017: Year of Review

January: New Years was good
February: another valentines alone (but hanging with family)
March: spring came and went. 
April: birthday, good birthday
May: within the first or two weeks of May my dad had gone out to Banff to ski fir a few days. Me and traci tried to meet up with dad but got swamped with water in the house, it was really pouring down. Had to vacuum it all out and stuff..

June: lots of things that happened in June and one incident I dont want to talk about. But on the good side we snagged one of the last few Canada 150 flags off the shells before July 1st 

Bluejays game day before Canada day, was home by 3am  an slept in till like 11:30

Bought a bike, somewhere in June or July spent each day biking. 

July: Canada day, was a sleep day as we had come from the bjays game the night before ^^.

August:somewhere in between August and November I spent everyday on the bike, unlike when it rained. When I couldn't get out and bike

September: more biking and chores. 
We cleared the basement when Ryan and Jess visited,

October:more biking and chores
November:putting away bikes, and getting ready for winter.
December. Xmas came and went..

Have a great holiday time and hope your 2018 turns out well