im giving her a week...thats it..

hi ppl, its darren here doing an email blog. Ive given up its been too long and its now down to the nitty gritty. Ive been waiting 4-5 months for a reply from "you know who" not erica I can tell you. Im giving her 1 more week to reply to the email I sent her in december. If she doesn't reply im moving on with my life after 8pm on tuesday april 14th.
Ill go right into finding someone on eharmony or plentyoffish or something to try to find someone. Mybe finding a girl is just not the thing for me...well maybe if I don't im moving on in life after that date...
1 more week girl of my dreams......1 more week
ive been looking into joining the CP Air Virtual airline and noticed there used to be a flight with a 737-200 from CYOW to CYUL which is weird to me the 737-200 has an aproximate range of like 25-3200 miles yet it would fly a flight of less than 100 miles...why....seems strange by todays standards...but I guess in the days of flying in the golden era it would have been ok but not today you would fly from ottawa to montreal in a dash 8 but not in a 737-200 though I found a video on youtube that shows a cockpit of a 737-200 on the way from PANC to PASC which I think is in alaska.
hope I get to fly for CP Air VA.


years later i cant remember the names of artists..

Back about 2003-ish. I used to watch this show called ZED on CBC every week or every night i cant remember which because its slipping out of my mind. I should have written down all the videos that i liked years ago because im gonna have to look at all the videos to find the ones i remeber quite well. "More" was a video that i really liked, good thing for youtube its on there!!

They didnt just get rid of zed they got rid of my way of seeing other artists in canada shine....and the other problem is because of copyrights after they play a video uploaded to ZED online on tv its unviewable, so someday ill find a few zed vids on youtube.

im off to look at old videos on ZED if its still exists..