the emails that got me famous on interrobang

Hello my name is darren elliott and i am 28, am finishing fanshawe and was emailed on Better The World about someone wanting to interview me about this website called "bettertheworld.com" her name was kristen. She mentioned that if i was avialible i would do a phone call interview which would be ok but i am busy with school work and studying maybe theres an alternative way to approach it, maybe i could drop by tomorrow or next week sometime and do an actual interview. Would that work?? (better use of 3 hours in between classes)
She didnt mention who it was that was going to do the actual interview so i thought id email the writer directly because that may be who does it.
What building is the interrobang out of. I know its based on the FSU so it must be in the SUB building i guess.
this is what she posted on bettertheworld.com

"Hi Darren! This is Kristen from Better The World - thanks for supporting us! A reporter from the Fanshawe newspaper is going to do an article on Better The World and was hoping to speak to a Fanshawe student and get their opinion. Is there any chance you would be open to speaking with her? It would probably just be a quick phone call. If you are interested we would appreciate it! Thanks! Kristen"
Oct 07/09
maybe you know her or know what this is about...
Talk to you soon
Darren Elliott
ps can you pass this on to whoever was interested in knowing more about this, thank you

Have a nice day.

What can i say, what a wonderful way to find out how you can change the world by surfing on the inter net, cool huh?.

I found out about better the world at an IT conference in Stratford Ontario, as i am from that area. I thought that this kind of caring for causes was a nice way to go about things. I find that the website is easy to look at and works well with the other stuff that you are interested in and all the causes you support.

There is a school related contest going on for most of ontario i believe and Fanshawe is #14 at the moment. It would be nice to see us being near the top. Lets go Fanshawe lets get some more members (ivanna this would be good for the paper) and get more going on with this website.

This site also works with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. in getting your word out there in order to change the world. Just sign up today and get started in changing the world. I can all be done with a click.

Darren Elliott
(GAS) student


should i have even moved to banff

even though this aint no regular break up, and i should be fully moved on so far. It aint doing anything for my heart. Though my head may have left thinking about her mot of the time, my heart still wishes and longs for this girl who i met some 6 and a half years ago.

I dont know why im on this long road that leads nowhere and i cant seem to get any closure from this i really want to know why she ignored me so then movidng on process wouldnt be so hard and i could actualy move on and find someone to fill that hole/

i really didnt want to end up hating her and wishing and in the end losing her but there we go again just pissing of another girl so that they will never want to see me agian. Isnt that great!! i feel as if im in a re-run of "cant hardly wait"

Por the previous post i can tell that she wants nothing to do with me anmore and thats great, even better but then i start thinking about her again and like ive said before its like im on some jeykll/hyde run and im not really liking it.

The key to fixing this is CLOSURE and when i will probably get it will be 2040 or so...

so im screwed till then!!!


So how's this?

I'm checking the photos just posted to the instagram site and a photo shows up from Ryan belder with les flames of fire and low and behold willow Boyd's instagram account is up, I need to talk things over or it's over

Darren Elliott
Jet Aircraft Museum


Thinking about this girl I met out west

Sorry about the delay on this but I've been thinking about this girl I met out west a lot, she really shook my heart and broke it as well. I do t want to dwell on the past too much but this girl is so wonderfull and she's my dream girl, my horoscopes are saying soming about a girl from a recent past and so maybe she still likes me I dunno... Anyways time to update the blog at least... they are still skiing out west so maybe it's time to go skiing out west


very warm outside

its not even the beginning of april and were only in the 1st half of march and the temperatures are up into the double digits, tomorrow is going to be plus 20 degrees ferenheit. Its so very odd that its more like summer and we havent even hit march 21at which is the first day of spring!!

thats all!!


Brian doing yard work

It's been a weird winter...

The last few winters have been pretty normal with snow on author ground through out the winter but this is just one of those years where the winter is only around on the weekend and this week is supposed to go back to +5 degrees so we will see what happens this weekend coming up and if it snows again...

Brought the iPad over to the hill so I can blog, chat and check things out...I'll test sendings photo to the blog later...


Darren Elliott
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Outside right now

The month so far

Sofar were fighting a war to hope that it stays cold and they can keep making snow over at the ski hill I work at but then mother nature fights back and the sun comes out and were back to square one. Right now a lot of snow has melted after a few days of cold and a day or so full of snowfall. I'm looking out my window and it's bare out there we had about 3 or 4cm of snow and then now it's melting...last night we got tons of rain so that melts the snow... Anyways life is ok, for now...I just wanted to update everyone for this week...I'll update you soon... Bye


review of 2011

-same as any january
lessons and school groups at the hill(hard at work)
nothing big and or new
17th-Birthday, in the afternoon my mom and wally and anne went to the katana kafe and had lunch to celebrate my b-day (weather was foggy)
5-6th Hamilton Av Expo first airshow or expo of the season
27-CWH airshow firt real propper outdoor airshow 
24-26 GLIAS, probably the best airshow of the year...
nothing big
20th and 21st-KW  airshow.
Was probably the last airshow of the season
unknown date, we had our 3rd successful doors open/open house thing...we had 3 flights with members who paid in full for a half hour flight...
I had my old camera there and took some shots but at the time had no long lens  
24th-Tillsonburg CHAA wings and wheels
met steve and paul at the airport at 9am and set up the booth, was pretty simple and straight forward, we were there to sell calendars and pass out pamphlets etc. I met eric dumigan (airic.ca) and finally met kevin moore at the show as well. I tried out eric dumigans camera and tried to take osme shots with my old camera which I had found a longer lens at that point in time
October to December
same old same old
thanks for reading
Darren Elliott
Jet Aircraft Museum