not much new

just thought I would check in on things even though I know there is not much going on....
loving being with buffalo again and heres some shots
have a great day!!
Darren Elliott
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back with buffalo virtual

well for the past few weeks now i have been back with buffalo virtual, enjoying the time while im back there. Been doing a few online flights with them..

anyways i cant sleep so im up posting this


blogging again

its been two months since I've blogged and to say the least I'm sorry, ill try to keep more up to date as much as I can..
things are wrapping up with the aishow season, so for most of what I've done for JAM is done unless we get into some malls to put the photoship  or whatever. I wont give out much info but yesterday we had a great fundraising meeting. We chatted about other things we could do about the calendar sales and stuff. Like I sadi I wont discuss the specifics but after the meeting we all wanted to get some pizza or something. But we decided to go to the Katana Kafe after and it turned out to be quite a nice time to chat with the other members about other things going on.
anyways Ill talk to you all soon!!
Darren Elliott
Jet Aircraft Museum


what other person..

"Ah, emotions. Can't live without 'em, but sometimes, like on the 1st and 2nd, you might wish you could. Well, instead of trying to wish your emotions away as the month begins, do your best to be glad you have them, even if they're a little bit difficult sometimes. After all, they are a sign of health. Not only that, but they are very helpful guides as you navigate this thing called 'life.' Difficulties point you to the places where you might need to do some extra work, or make some changes, or let yourself be yourself more completely. By the highly ambitious 6th and 7th, you're in overdrive. You know what you want and by golly, you are going to get it. Great! Just don't forget to keep working out, while you're go-getting, particularly on the tricky 10th, 11th and 12th. You're a star, the super-shiny 13th and 14th. So sparkle! If you have family (or urban family) obligations on the 20th, 21st or 22nd, fulfill them. It'll be fun. Take your time on the 27th and 28th. After all, you need to focus on the other person. Wrap up the month with more emotions on the 30th. How does that feel?"
um...there is no other person at the moment...what do they mean
Darren Elliott
Jet Aircraft Museum


Its Taken 3 years to make it to this

This photo posted below, taken in 2009 was supposed to be the arrival of two more t-33’s to london. This is where being with the jet aircraft museum began. As tomorrow begins a new day and we start up 346 for an official flight. All the work thats been done with these aircraft id like to thank all the guys in the Jet aircraft museum maintenance division of JAM a big thanks for all your work.


Most of all the big things that have happened at Jam was in the  year 2009. Thats when 90% of the aircraft had been flown in. There were times of joy there were times of sadness. Before i took this photo i had been hanging aorund with these guys waiting for two aircraft to leave CPZ3 Mountainview, Ontario and fly to london, they had a short window of a few hours before the clouds moved in or soemthing and they tried and tried but the fix took longer than they thought and so we had to go or leave or whatever. I was finishing off my college degree at the time and the JAM building was where these guys are all standing. Every afternoon when i was done my classes id go to the airport and wouldnt be back untill after 8 or 9 pm as i watched katanas and cessnas and twin pipers.


In 2009 at the 1st Doors open i met the current (at the time)London Mayor, Anne Marie Decicco best. This was our official grand opening. I was there early with dad to help set up and to get things ready before dawning the reflective vest to go work the parking lot. I actually guided Mrs Best to where she should park. I would have thought shed have the biggest security force and haver her own bus or limo or other ways of transportation but she didnt and she came with her 1990’s Pontiac Grand Am type car. Anyways I also met the President of the CYXU Airport as he was there to cut the ribbon. Like i said it was the  first offical grand opening and all the ones since then have been there to get more word out/referrals etc to other people that we are there.

We had a few aircraft visitors who came to have a burger and a break in their schedules. 3 Harvards from CHAA in tilsonburg flew in. We had a ryan navion piainted up like a luftwaffe FW-190 (C-FWOL). We also had two russian jets an L-39 #69 and an L-29. It was a fun day…


hope tomorrow is as better as that one was


How #577 used to look like…very drab

heres a photo from 3 years ago when JAM or KW’s Flightline had aquired T-33 number 577.

Now heres what she looks like
looks good eh


not so busy weekend.

normally the last few weekends in the summer have been very busy for me and my family. Weddings and buck n does, airshows/music festivals and the like. But the last few weeks have been very not busy, and has given me time to chill/swim/listen to music out by the pool and get back to being myself.

this weekend we planned to have my aunt and uncle, their son's roomate or schoolmate from back in the day or something. and their kids to come to have an afternoon lunch of corn and chicken kabobs etc...

they both arrived here at about 2pm yesterday and was happily hanging out by the pool but it eventually turned into a small rainstorm. Usually when i start to see lighting or thunder i dont try to even think about going into a pool. but my neighbors kid decided to stop in on the way home from work and i said sure, lets go swimming (inside my mind i was saying no!!) but we ended up in the pool the whole time the storm was coming through, because there was no lightning. anyways other than that the weekend went off without a hitch. If you saw my post about maybe going to wallaceburg on the 13th, i probably am not going to go!!...its just too far just for 5 or so hours...so i am going to jump ahead of that and prepare to go to kitchener in two weeks for the airshow,  the same weekend as the mopar fest....arrrgggg!!!

in september JAM has the open house and ill be possiblyt working in the beer tent as i have a smart serv certificate.

oh and i bought these incredibly awesome wireless speakers from the source (electronics store) for only $70!!!  they werk wonderfully...anyways that my blog for august 8th 2011..

cheers and have fun!!


wonder who this is?

"Someone in your life is going through some heavy issues that you might not be aware of. This person's recent odd behavior could be leaking into your relationship and subtly -- almost subliminally -- affecting it in a very negative way. Let this person know that you are concerned, and give her or him space to realize the impact this behavior could be having -- don't be hasty with demands to shape up. Your patience and support are needed right now."-Yahoo Horoscopes..
wonder who that could be!!!
Darren Elliott
Jet Aircraft Museum

u2 dream again

last nitghts dream was very weird becuase i was in some tour group or something, i dont remeber being a part of it or doing anything with it but i remember just touring with some choir or school group...were trying to do some rendition of a movie or something, then one of the people playing guitars was playing wildy and ended up going outside for some reason and then some woman followed him and they sat on thier knees, then i was on a bus(the wrong one, because i was trying to find the right bus, as the choir group i was in wasx heading back to the school or the homes, but i missed it and got a bus with people ive never met.And then my vantage point was moved to see this guy walking and he had his right arm streched out with his left arm holing his inner elbow area and then thats when i woke up!!



one the busiest summers on my record

I apologize on the behindness i am at right now but it seems every weekend is busy and i either have airshows or folk fests and weddings. Yesterday we did it all in one day, went to a reception for a wedding of my neighbors that lives around the corner and we went to a buck and oe the same night for my neighbor...and the weekend before i was folk festival selling beer tickets, the weekend before that st thomas airshow. Now as i dont think there are anything big until  kitchener airshow but im sure there are lots of events here and there.

My other reason for posting is that some people at airshows can be brutaly not polite at all at most airshows. They just want to sit cloe by and dont care to knock people over to find the best seat, however on the saturday or sunday show a very nice family whith their young granson and father and grand father noticed i was trying to take shot of the aircraft flying or taxiing, and let me move right next to bob, um i have no idea what is last name is but hes with jam!! anyways as soon as they were gone for the day everybody moded up!!! and it was almost a fight to get the best spot...no one polit about it atg all...and i didt get their names but i will cherish their thoughfulness for years to come...

to that random family thank you!!


im starting to understand why parents hate their sons for

getting tatoos. obviously some tatoos have an ugly nature to them and are not "clean" as in the idea behind it maybe because of a gang or what not, but if said parents son got a tatoo saying "come home troops" or "we love you canada" or something clean and strong like that their parents would love having this on them or at least let them get it...


welcome to june.

OMG, am i ever behind!! i havent posted since may so i thought id post again. Just got home from the ingersoll  rib fest. Was ok but most of the places were shutting down their tents so there wasnt much going on.


too much hot weather this week...

hi guys its me, just checking in...its almost the end of june,cant belive it, just afew more weeks and ill be going to a god dam u2 concert!!!

Ive volunteered at a few airshows so far. There are only 1 or 2 left in my agenda, one more in kitchener, brantfords not having it, nor is sarnia/windsor so theres a lot less airshows in SW ontario this year...

im testing how far the internet width is here see how far i can go on dads laptop computer. Im on the porch and its starting to get a little breezy.

anyways ill post some photos soon on here in the coming weeks



Friday Fab Five

What new book coming out soon do you plan to buy?: I don't have any that I want that hasn't been released
2. What upcoming book are you dying to read?: I don't have any
3. What series is a must read for you?:Artemis Fowl
4. What new author have you found so far in 2011? Eoin Colfer
5. What little known author are you a fan of?:Gordon Korman
Darren Elliott
Jet Aircraft Museum


where has the time gone

Well is that time of year again, summer. Its not official yet but it will be soon. Im going to be really busy this year as I have signed up for many shows and have plans to attend weddings. First up is the hamilton show, then I think theres a bit of time untill either the st thomas show is on or the folk festival I don't know.
I have been feeling a bit better about things. Im into my 2nd book of the artemis fowl books,well its actually the 3rd installment. The bookstore in st marys person said the arctic incident is the first book but it's the 2nd one so im on the 3rd and I havent read the 1st one yet.
oh well ill get to that at some point. Lots of grass cutting this week. We got our massey back but the other 8n is not working so we towed it over to this place just a few minutes drive from here but was a hair raising time as I had to keep my feet on the brake not pushing it but had my feet resting on it incase something were to go wrong.  Nothing went wrong but heck going up the hills was very hard to do as there could be a crash and my eyes were watering and I couldn't stop to wipe them.  But yes it was fun!!
Anyways ive been having some banff dreams lately and I don't like them. Someones sending some sort of message to me during my subconsious thoughts should be illegal..
anyways sad to see the canucks lose last night.
Darren Elliott
Jet Aircraft Museum


reflecting on banff

in the last few days ive been reminiscing about the days that i lived in banff. Seems that some of the things i put in the past are coming back into my day to day things. I dont spend every day in a starbucks but, i do see one every few days and it reminds me of someone. Someone i knew a bit and am thinking of alot these days, not like a "im really like you " thinking more of a "wondering that she is ok" kind of thinking.

I stand my ground on wanting to be with an airplane or to find someone else to talk to etc...


fed up trying to get the drive mowers belt back on?

Well heres what i did today, normally i would call the local garage or get someone to to fix it but i found out all you need to do is raise the lever/mower deck as high as you can without breaking it then get someone to raise the belt and hopefully i should fit back on and you are good as golden



Hi Darren! Here is your Daily Single's Horoscope for Tuesday, April 12
Mixing family with dating might seem like a recipe for disaster, but it's not actually such a bad idea to get your relatives in on your love search today. Could it be that your mom's friend's cousin really is the one for you?


sorry the long delay on updating

i havent been in much of a mood lately and now im just deleteing emails and organizing stuff..

bought 2 sets of dvd's the other day one has four of the police acadamy movies and the other has the drama ones...like eraser,passenger 57 etc...been watching many of them on my computer



how closure should be...

I know that when most people break up its hard and we put the memories in the back of our minds. This really does not solve the problem it prolongs it and makes it so that its not forgotten. What we should be doing for closure should be filling out some sort of legality forms. In these forms you would write as much as you could about what you have wanted to say since the breakup.  After you write all this and the partner fills it out you get a form of emotional closure and a phsyical closure. This would prevent or at least help prevent stalking or Unrequitted love. At least even if there was no love you could at least carry around a piece of legal paper that says you and someone else had a relationship and it lasted for XXX number of years. You broke up because of this or that.  It would allow full closure of sorts.
It would help me greatly, to know what I did wrong or what I said or did that made things change for the people who no longer want to talk to me.
Does anyone agree?


took mine out...

Just completed a bit of  work on my computer on the insides...i had to look at if the PCI slots are PCI or AGP card slots so that i can tell waht kind i need to upgrade my video card.

Abd then since i dont use the 4.5 floppy disks anymore i decided  that im not sure i need it so it took it out and its sitting here...

anyone want it?? yet again no one seems to use the floppy...anyone remember the big floppy disks no ones used them anymore...

its just amazing how much its changed


hey guys!!

sorry i havent blogged in like 3 or four days or so...just trying to say hi