I spent most of last night trying to finish my essay and by 3 am i was in bed with it already posted it to the dropbox on fanshaweonline and turnitin.com so thats a releief as my essay is done i dont have anymore test stuff to do like i usually do on friday saturday or sunday (ie adding image and text descriptions of my own notes on each chapter) so i can have more time to do flightsim, yeehaw!! i havent had any time to do it lately...

and also a time to record some songs and or make a new podcast or something..should be a good relax weekend...its been a while since ive been able to do that...

saw elevation last friday with my sister and my mom was a really good show but it was in a cathedral and part of it was like a mass sort of thing. Got some photos but it was too dark so they didnt come out.

other than that everything is fine..

happy halloween...


need to get back to flightsim for a while

ive spent too much time working on this stuff for class this week i need an early afternoon touch and go or something like that.

my class has been cancelled again i havent seen him since last thursday...not sure when the essay is due anymore...




i know the words to songs that you have never heard before

its funny actually, most of the songs that show up on last.fm are songs i actually know by heart for some reason...must be i listen to them alot...i guess...

its saturday which means ive got the weekend off to do whatever i want untill monday...



after writing a good test

sorry for the missing updates guys but I'm back still alive and awake. I just wrote a test yesterday and i really studied and i hope i did well on it. Ill have to check on that.

I’m doing a lot of virtual flying these days, well more like today. I got 3 flights in today. One was to Saskatoon from London And then i did a CYYZ-CYXU type of flight back and forth with the A380.  Then i did a flight to CYFB from CYYZ. Then i did a flight from London to Tillsonburg and then i switched to the 732 and flew to CYYZ.

This is a screenshot from about this time