were into 2017 by a bit

i am so sorry to have left you in the dust my 2-3 followers that i have. I havent been that busy i just have other ways to blog such as tumblr which makes me wonder how the heck i have been able to stay here and makes me think i should leave this blog because i have more blog followers there than i do here. Im still thinking there are lots of viewers here but maybe more there? i really dont want to move this blog or close it.

I started this blog back in 2004 or so. I left it unused and then in 2006 found a real name for it and called it livinginbanffnow.blogspot.com and used it as an active daily dose to talk about the town and then when i decided to move home id call it living in ontario now and its been like that since 2008 or so.

I dont think i am gonna close down my blog (this one most likely) ill just add that you can see more up to date blogs on tumblr. I think its darrenvox.tumblr.com and its got some great posts there and i stated that in the last half of 2015 or start of 2016 and i hoped to blog as much as possible

thanks for viewing this blog over the years, even if you followed. And what i miss so much about the blogging thing is the MEME's like the 20 things that are in youre room or where are you? and stuff

anyways ill talk to you all later