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Ive had my computer put into the shop in woodstock for the last week or so...and yesterday i got my computer back and am enjoying the new screen i got as well its an 18.5 in monitor, was only really 1.5 in from what i had but takes up less space..

As i write this im flying from Vancouver to Saskatoon in the 737-200 of CP Air (Virtual). Im about 600 nm from saskatoon. Im flying on autopilot which ive been testing myself to be able to operate and get knowing about it. The autopilot back in those days are nopt like those of these days when all you have to do is dial in the altitude to what altitude you want or what heading before you get to that altitutd....no you have to do it manually...of course it will hold when you tell it too theres just no button to hold it and let it get you there without trouble.

I love the 737-200.




how long have you been on hotmail?

Hey everyone hows your day happy canada day to everyone.

I want to ask everyone out there how long you have been on hotmail or had an account..I have been on there for 10 years this september. I cant believe that its been 10 years already...wow...where has the time gone...??

The other issue i want to bring up is a comparison between a regular mastercard or a pre-paid mastercard.

Pre-Paid MC:
I prefer the pre-paid only because there is no dealing with having to pay back all you spent that month. All you have to do is put money on it and it will take a day or two to process (in my case its 3 days).

Regular MC: Its fun that you can have money on the go, but wouldnt you rather have to not pay the monthly payback thing every month? I have never had a normal mastercard so i have no idea what its like but i hear its ok to have to pay back everything you have bought. Wouldnt you like having the peace of mind to have the ability to load your card with money instead of having money on it?

If you like the pre paid mastercard idea go to nextwavetitanium.com and chack it out...its only 20 dollars and very handy. the only problem i find is that it takes 3 days to transfer any amount of money from any financial institution..

thats all....september 10th ill go out and celebrate ive been on hotmail 10 years...