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Ive had my computer put into the shop in woodstock for the last week or so...and yesterday i got my computer back and am enjoying the new screen i got as well its an 18.5 in monitor, was only really 1.5 in from what i had but takes up less space..

As i write this im flying from Vancouver to Saskatoon in the 737-200 of CP Air (Virtual). Im about 600 nm from saskatoon. Im flying on autopilot which ive been testing myself to be able to operate and get knowing about it. The autopilot back in those days are nopt like those of these days when all you have to do is dial in the altitude to what altitude you want or what heading before you get to that altitutd....no you have to do it manually...of course it will hold when you tell it too theres just no button to hold it and let it get you there without trouble.

I love the 737-200.



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