reflecting on banff

in the last few days ive been reminiscing about the days that i lived in banff. Seems that some of the things i put in the past are coming back into my day to day things. I dont spend every day in a starbucks but, i do see one every few days and it reminds me of someone. Someone i knew a bit and am thinking of alot these days, not like a "im really like you " thinking more of a "wondering that she is ok" kind of thinking.

I stand my ground on wanting to be with an airplane or to find someone else to talk to etc...


fed up trying to get the drive mowers belt back on?

Well heres what i did today, normally i would call the local garage or get someone to to fix it but i found out all you need to do is raise the lever/mower deck as high as you can without breaking it then get someone to raise the belt and hopefully i should fit back on and you are good as golden