whoa for soime reason my horroscopes are real!!

It's time to think about what's important to you -- but then, you don't need
to be told that. It's probably been next to impossible for you to focus on
anything else. If there's any way for you to excuse yourself from situations
that might require you to force yourself to act other than how you really
feel, better make arrangements bright and early to be unavailable. If a
situation demands your presence, get in and out as quickly as you can

that is so true...especially in the part that says its next to impossible to
focus on anything...


really mean recurring dreams...

ive been having the same dream for the last 3-4 days. Its been very
interesting. I can hear "whover is talking" and shes being really rude...i
dont kno whats going on...

if anyones reading this blog let kne know if you kno whats going on!!



Ten Top Trivia Tips about Darren Elliott!

  1. If you chew gum while peeling Darren Elliott then it will stop you from crying!
  2. Humans share about fifty percent of their DNA with Darren Elliott!
  3. In Japan, Darren Elliott can only be prepared by chefs specially trained and certified by the government.
  4. About 100 people choke to death on Darren Elliott each year.
  5. Until the 1960s, Darren Elliott was not allowed to enter Disneyland!
  6. Darren Elliott is picked, sorted and packed entirely in the field.
  7. In a pinch, the skin from a shark can be used as Darren Elliott.
  8. Darren Elliott, from the movie of the same name, had green blood.
  9. The most dangerous form of Darren Elliott is the bicycle.
  10. If you kiss Darren Elliott for one minute you will burn six or seven calories.
I am interested in - do tell me about


audtion results are waiting...

monday evening i went into canmore to audition for a play called "Ned
Durango goes to big oak" We werent autioning for certain parts, but for all
of them. Theres Kat, Orson and Tom and im sure a few other people...but im
ok not getting it..

tomorrow is open mic night.. see you there...


sunday day off sunday..

this is last day i will ever be using my 35 mm camera (Pentax PC 55) i had been using it for quite some time. it had gone unused for so long then i moved out here and used it full time. Nearly 50% of all photos on my photo album were taken with my camera...except fpr a few that used a disp camera.

Its felt like my own, my vantage point at life in banff alberta, but now it has to be laid down to rest, maybe sold on ebay, if i can get the flash to be fixed. Mybe ill send it to calgary to get it fixed then send it to the local banff radio shack and get them to sell it, it isnt brand new...itll find hard times being sold but someone will take care of it..

(ps this camera in the photo is not mine...its got scratches and duct tape holding pretty much each of its parts together...)

in other news the man my mom takes care of (as a job) had parkinsons and recently got ill, and ive noticed that the people that havew this disease get weaker and weaker when they get ill.

Tragically, just recently Tony (from st marys ontario) passed away. He had been in the hospital for a while lately and he got back to living his life and then passed away, our family got to know him very well and we will miss you tony..

MOMENT of Silence....starts now..

"so he woke up,
woke from where he was,
lying still said i gotta do something
about where im going

step on a steam train
step out of the drivin rain
maybe run from the darkness in the night

singing hale haleh halelujah"

my condolances... to tonys family..


fridays biodex and horroscope

this is how the calgary sun shows it...notice for april its like 4 5 and 2 =11 and look at positive part..

sorry bout the cut problem...you should be able to make it out...

"things are beginning to happen so keep the momentum going. Resurrect your ideas, only this time do it yourself instead of letting others get involved and take over.."


just missed her...

back on dec 8th, i met or sorta hung out with this girl who was with a bunch
of girls. We were waiting fora u2 tribute band concert. when i got to their
house i saw this girl that looked to like you know who, but we got to know
each other a bit. I saw her today at safeway but couldnt rember what her
name was...arrrg....and no im not stalking her


and tunnel mountain looks like....

tunnel is this big hump that separates us from the two mountains, cascade and rundle...very small but....worhtwhile...

2005 a life in review.

this is just a overvew of things that happened to me this year...im not going to do it date by date but i am going to show it  by stating the biggest thing that happened in that month.



15th-sold out show of a u2 tribute band by the name of Elevation rocked the night at Hot Stix Inc in london ontario
check photos out at http://www.angelfire.com/crazy2/66chargerfan/elevationphotos/
nothing happened
Plans are underway for a trip to banff and to maybe live in banff,slated for mid may, 1 of 5 of the latest trips to banff since 2001.
17th-24th Birthday (mom apparently books a flight from hamilton to calgary to leave may 11th)
11th-takeoff and fly to the west, i got worried that my parents would not like becoming empty nester's
rest of may, exploring and enjoying my new hometown, getting used to going out and drinking...
  • Climbed Tunnel Mtn 2 times
  • got a membership at the sally borden and tried to get fit.

Non Accomplishments-

  • while i was in the 1st part of may i was jobless. pretty much lving out of a bag in someones living room.

End of may- i finally get a job at the cinema. I am ever so happy.


June is a good month but is a month where more exploring is done, more having fun is enjoyed and the father drops in to say hi.
many days in june are spent sitting by the river playing guitar.
it was decided that i needed a job with better pay and benefits, and i went and joined safeway where i am today. i dont have any records to show exactly what day i started but it was mid june
1st-canada day, is enjoyed with brother and freinds at his new place.
2-5-spent telling everyone i had lost a job but had another one under my belt.
most of this month spending days off going to stampede and other well known shows and events near banff.
once again it is a month spent enjoying my 1st banff summer. We went up the gondola, and enjoying biking around the town.
1st-Albertas Centenial Celebration. The whole event across alberta is shown live on citytv calgary. I doubt you could be able to find footage of it...but if you do please let me know. Maren Ord plays later that night and after shes done the fireworks start...i only really got to see the last 5 seconds of them
20-30th-spent in hospital because my back hurt and i wasnt feeling well and i didnt know why.
October (The trees are stripped bare...From all they wear)
8th to 27th-Spent at home enjoying the nice weather, taking in some accupucture treatments and doing some chores.
1-30th-spent enjoying it back in banff, starting to snow, everything looks good, we even went to jasper ice glacier thing.
Parents arrive in banff
Paul Brant records his rocky mountain christmas at the central park gazebo. Some people are turned  away because of the way it is recorded. Some people just doint want to sing silent night 3,000 times. Showbizness sucks!!
sometime a week or 2 later we say goodby to our parents and enjoy the rest of the month.
25th (xmas day)-
spent on the hill at sunshine, the angel and main chairs at sunshine were closed most of the day because of zerp visibility....so wolverine and many of the goats eye area chairlifts are at full capacity...
31st(New Years Eve)
spent at a house party....loving it!!
happy new year
New Years Reso- Climb Tunnel Mountain again,its feesable but its tiring...later



a little under the weather this week, working on getting better...still
playing guitar tho..


hi dawn...


woo i love the old u2..

today i piced up my copy of u2's rattle and humm dvd, and watched the whole thing...to a funny thought of where are these friggin songs like gloria and ruby tuesday, looks likr im gonna have to watch it again to see them