im still alive, a much needed update....

Hi guys,

I, darren elliott am still alive. I have not died, nor have i in the mental world.

Im here in snowy banff to give you guys at least a hankerin of an idea of what things are like here in banff.

Well, things are going good. I love it out here but i can only love it enough, for my old hometown still carries a spot in my soul that can never be taken away. Yes i admit i miss the good ole stone(d)town but im in love with my surroundings out here.

Its snowing as i write, falling gently to the ground...and uh, so hows the weather back home? hell you could giver a good snomobillin' and theres enugh snow left over.

Ive started to look for xmas gifts out here. Its so nice to have 95% of the town as gift shops that have so many souvenirs with the words "BANFF" or "Banff Canada" on them. Shirts, sweaters have the unified banff name on them making them great gift ideas, now who wants one??

Witnessed the Banff Santy Claws Parade the other night. I was pissed off, no DCVI Float? what were they thinking.....oh um...ya i guess im in b--an-fff...(slow talking...) right...well in that case its no wonder there was no DCVI float...im 3000 miles from there....HELP!!

Musical upldate....

No songs written in the past 2 weeks working on u2, Jack johnson material,etc...etc...

but i am getting better at naturaly playing bar chords, and moving up and down the fretboard, but im having a hard time learnng Fm7 which is supposed to be real hard i take it...

that is all of the update i will try to update ya as much as possible, tho i dont want to harras...you all know how much more hur that could do? right!!


i cant take any more of this

i have had it with these people showing up at safeway that look exactly like elevation. It startted off with this produce guy named pascal houde, that looked like kevin, then now theres a new guy who shops here and he looks like shawn brady, and the other day a guy walked in that looked like mick....what next the real john johnstone walk right into safeway...

i think ill move out and go home!!!





what a day.

I got up about 1:30pm and just made it in time for the trian, no i did not get on it i was there to take a few photos of it, too bad it was coming in the direction of my back intead of mny front but oh well it made a good couple of shots...

I now have a few good cd's burned with a bit of johnny, and a bit of U2.


oh its a good day!!!

im out tiday takin photos of banff lookin like a tourist, oh well you gotta be actin like a tourist sooner or later.

movie wa ok last night....went to see harry potter...havent seen any ones before this one but i like the one i saw


what a chilly day!!

Oh man is it ever cold here. Not as cold as you would expect banff to be but its been a little nippy!!

The other day on bolt i was looking at stuff i had written and sometimes i cant believe that i wrote what i did. Stuff like "i want to die" and stuff like that. It was so depressing to read this stuff i had written round 2003 but then again every year since 2000 i have consistantly been depressed except for this year, because this year it all changed.

I love banff because it only took me like 3 months to know connections to every partof this town than it took of 15 years of living and enjoying st marys.

Local Celebrities i have met:

Eddie Hunter

Candis Zell

Guy that reviews movies in the craig..



what the fuck?

Acess Tv, you guys are fricken stupid. As much as you are a great channel
for watching informative shows you lagg behind in the presentation of tv

A bunch of us were watching phone booth but were ransaked so to say because
it went to commercial then neve came back!!

are we idiots or what??


Good News/Bad News

Short and Sweet.

Good News

A thank you goes out the guy who brought 2 carts dragging behid his bike
back to safeway. And the lady who took a cart from starbuks back to safeway.
How kind hearted of you.

However the bad news is.

Its is a very disgrace to see 2 ladies walk in tonite with poppies inside
out and in their mouth like lip gloss. Are they trying to prove a fucking
point? That it means nothing that like 700, 000 people lost thier lives just
for some gilrs to mock it and not give a shit??

If i was a manager of the store i would have sent them out immediately
because i dont see the reaon. Sure its funny but do the people not able to
speak not able to talk enjoying that in their graves fighting for their
country. No fricken way!!

It hurts me even more because i had someone who was related to my dad who
fley as a bomber in WWII. He, like others has never been seen since the
1940's. The olane they were fighting was shot at and fell to the ground.

Well hey maybe if the dead veterans can say it maybe the living ones can. So
they went to a far away land almost died and all they get to see is people
mocking what they stand for? makes no sence to me.

These are my pick for the losers of the week..


5 Easy Tips to help restore Self Confidence

1. Get a job-the absolute 1st thing an infatuated or suicidal person
can do (unless you lose youre temper one day and you decide to "do
it"). But its 100% productive in removing thoughts and personal
stuff, i work so hard i hardly have time to think about her.

2.Meet people- go out to a bar, get to know some locals (i go to a
place in banff called brunos and although i dont know alot of people
its a small place so...)

3. "You cant start loving anyone untill you LOVE YOURSELF!!!"

4. Be Creative-95% of the world is creative, but not all of them know
it yet. I used to say i wasnt creative but who said guitar playing,
writing songs and the odd time drawing to remove bad emotiuons,

5. Give up- I know it sounds stupid but sooner or later you have to
give up the fixation/suicide thoughts. Its very hard. You may never
move on. But think about it. Wouldnt you rather be enjoying your

You have to work hard and one day you will wake up saying holy cow i
can enjoy myself!! just like i am today, i moved 3,000 miles away to
start a fresh new life..!!!

thats it!!



open mic last night....

i dont know what it was but i left it feeling really really good!!

i liked all of the singers that played last night!!