what a chilly day!!

Oh man is it ever cold here. Not as cold as you would expect banff to be but its been a little nippy!!

The other day on bolt i was looking at stuff i had written and sometimes i cant believe that i wrote what i did. Stuff like "i want to die" and stuff like that. It was so depressing to read this stuff i had written round 2003 but then again every year since 2000 i have consistantly been depressed except for this year, because this year it all changed.

I love banff because it only took me like 3 months to know connections to every partof this town than it took of 15 years of living and enjoying st marys.

Local Celebrities i have met:

Eddie Hunter

Candis Zell

Guy that reviews movies in the craig..


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Tara said...

Wow, seems you and myself have some things in common. Myself and my partner lived in the Newmarket area of Ontario till June this year, then hotfooted it out of there to BC lol. The roadtrip was long, but well worth it, and having never seen Mountains before I was like a kid in a candy store seeing the rockies for the first time in Alberta.

We drove through Banff and stopped off for a day at Lake Louise. You are SOOOOO lucky living there, it's an amazing place to be.