Good News/Bad News

Short and Sweet.

Good News

A thank you goes out the guy who brought 2 carts dragging behid his bike
back to safeway. And the lady who took a cart from starbuks back to safeway.
How kind hearted of you.

However the bad news is.

Its is a very disgrace to see 2 ladies walk in tonite with poppies inside
out and in their mouth like lip gloss. Are they trying to prove a fucking
point? That it means nothing that like 700, 000 people lost thier lives just
for some gilrs to mock it and not give a shit??

If i was a manager of the store i would have sent them out immediately
because i dont see the reaon. Sure its funny but do the people not able to
speak not able to talk enjoying that in their graves fighting for their
country. No fricken way!!

It hurts me even more because i had someone who was related to my dad who
fley as a bomber in WWII. He, like others has never been seen since the
1940's. The olane they were fighting was shot at and fell to the ground.

Well hey maybe if the dead veterans can say it maybe the living ones can. So
they went to a far away land almost died and all they get to see is people
mocking what they stand for? makes no sence to me.

These are my pick for the losers of the week..

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