im still alive, a much needed update....

Hi guys,

I, darren elliott am still alive. I have not died, nor have i in the mental world.

Im here in snowy banff to give you guys at least a hankerin of an idea of what things are like here in banff.

Well, things are going good. I love it out here but i can only love it enough, for my old hometown still carries a spot in my soul that can never be taken away. Yes i admit i miss the good ole stone(d)town but im in love with my surroundings out here.

Its snowing as i write, falling gently to the ground...and uh, so hows the weather back home? hell you could giver a good snomobillin' and theres enugh snow left over.

Ive started to look for xmas gifts out here. Its so nice to have 95% of the town as gift shops that have so many souvenirs with the words "BANFF" or "Banff Canada" on them. Shirts, sweaters have the unified banff name on them making them great gift ideas, now who wants one??

Witnessed the Banff Santy Claws Parade the other night. I was pissed off, no DCVI Float? what were they thinking.....oh um...ya i guess im in b--an-fff...(slow talking...) right...well in that case its no wonder there was no DCVI float...im 3000 miles from there....HELP!!

Musical upldate....

No songs written in the past 2 weeks working on u2, Jack johnson material,etc...etc...

but i am getting better at naturaly playing bar chords, and moving up and down the fretboard, but im having a hard time learnng Fm7 which is supposed to be real hard i take it...

that is all of the update i will try to update ya as much as possible, tho i dont want to harras...you all know how much more hur that could do? right!!

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