5 Easy Tips to help restore Self Confidence

1. Get a job-the absolute 1st thing an infatuated or suicidal person
can do (unless you lose youre temper one day and you decide to "do
it"). But its 100% productive in removing thoughts and personal
stuff, i work so hard i hardly have time to think about her.

2.Meet people- go out to a bar, get to know some locals (i go to a
place in banff called brunos and although i dont know alot of people
its a small place so...)

3. "You cant start loving anyone untill you LOVE YOURSELF!!!"

4. Be Creative-95% of the world is creative, but not all of them know
it yet. I used to say i wasnt creative but who said guitar playing,
writing songs and the odd time drawing to remove bad emotiuons,

5. Give up- I know it sounds stupid but sooner or later you have to
give up the fixation/suicide thoughts. Its very hard. You may never
move on. But think about it. Wouldnt you rather be enjoying your

You have to work hard and one day you will wake up saying holy cow i
can enjoy myself!! just like i am today, i moved 3,000 miles away to
start a fresh new life..!!!

thats it!!


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