merry xmas wherever you are this holiday season

Hello all bloggers out there that are reading my blog at all, merry xmas to you and your family and to everyone in general to have a merry xmas and a happy new year.
 I just completed my level 1 Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance training and failed from not teaching it correctly. I knew I wasn't going to get it anyways but at least I made it through the 4 daysI met a few new people this week and I'm glad for meeting a bunch keen on learning. I did well on the skiing part of it, yet failed more on the teaching aspect of it. 
I have not written any new songs yet but I have written a few new poems and have transcribed the song lyrics from my book into .txt form. That was done so that I always have a second copy and can print one off at any time.
U2 still stinks, Theory Of A Deadman still rocks!!
happy holidays from the Elliott household


is this a gay idea or what? plus update on things

I recently lost my cell phone, and I was thinking it would be cool for the phone makers and phone service providers could allow phones to have a tracking system so that at all times you would know where your phone is. It sounds to me like this could help a lot of frustrated phone owners that cant even get the call to get their phone (like me) through because the battery is dead so even if I could call it, it would do nothing to benefit anyone.
So I'm home now, loving every minute of it, lots of work to do, with six horses 4 cats and a dog to take care of, there's no time to slack off, or there's not a lot of time to do nothing. I will be working somewhere in southwest Ontario, possibly cobble hills, but I'm not sure I want to work there, I'm going to have to work at somewhere else, like St Marys or Stratford, London or Kitchener.


4 cats, a dog, 6 horses and shit coming up the wazoo!!

So im here in ontario for a few months, cant play BF2 but i can play BF42 whenever i want, ive been signed up for the level 1 ski teaching course, though if i pass i may not use it at all it will just be there just in case.

Ive already been set up to work at cobble, though id rather start my own company because i havent learned from my previous job yet.

so im unemployed right now ill see what happens


Coming Home

Im moving home for a few months starting at the end of this month, ill be coming back to this town in april/may or so.

Not sure where im going to be working at but for the 1st little while theres a chance i could be working for dad with all of his stuff data entry for BNI.

It will be nice come home be rent free for a month or so. i have a ton of things ive gotta do when i go home i have to burn cds of photos from my computer and all the other stuff and then change some stuff on that computer then i have to either sell some old games for money so i can get rid of the games and cds lyring around my room so that im more organized then i can feel good being around my home in ontario

but 1st i must focus on having a fun time before i go!!



Im looking forward to the day i can finish or even start my quest on taking our old home videos and converting them to DVD, which would be cool in the fact we could give away our old videos to the people that were in them because im sure most of whats on our VHS-C have been forgotten and it would be a nice thing to do.

What i need

VHS-C adapter that works
maybe the ION VCR2PC thing
All my vhs-c tapes that are at home

What i dont need
is some future shop or source cc guy doing it becuae i actualy want to do some ediits on a copy of the master ill do and i might like to have a menu screen and some edited footage that could be the bonus features then ad an easter egg to it

date it may get done? 2012 because i dont know if i can do any of it out here and the usb to pc thing is expensive...i want it to be a work of art..i want to do it myself and i dont know where to go...i will start this if i move back to ontario in november.

if i move to ontario i will update daily and i might have some short footage on youtube.

untill then see you!!


end of september blog

So it is the end of september, thus the end of the summer. Working hard but only half the hours, i work three days then have 4 days off. its not good for the paycheck but its gives me time to relax.

Im not reading anymore at least that good book called "what good people know" by dan baker it was very fun reading and learning how other people dealed wirh the same pain i was in. It didnt mean you had to stress youreself out to be happy just notice the day to day things that make you feel good.

Paid rent already, had to borrow some money from my mother i hate to do that but im running empty on money.Thanks mom!

Watched a family of deer or bull elk today waddle into the river by the trail that leads to the falls on the ymca side of the river. I sat on a bench and stared at them, wondered what they were saying to each other.

Leveled up on combat arms, im now a seargent not a corporal anymore and now ive reached a level where aiming at other players is getting much better ive gotten to the 20 kill level normally i get to 5 or 6 kills a session!

World Of Warcraft:Level 21

Later Days


Red Eyed Platoon

I joined a clan on Combat Arms its called red eyed platoon. its a pretty good platoon cause its all about not having cheaters hackers and glitches in the game. I can name a clan who all they want is to get more exp so they can move up rank. why do people cheat?
Life is good for now, got a few more videos on youtube under my belt. No subscribers yet, but if anyone reads this my youtube is youtube.com/darrenvox subscribe at will!
I am so addicted to combat arms right now its ruling my life so much right now. All i do at the internet cafe is play combat arms for at least 3 hours or so. Its so much fun and ive met so many new people with it. One of my favorite players is Itoke, he is so good i think hes a SSG or might be higher rank than what i thought. Me and another new friend Samerica and a few other Red Eye Platoon people were playing on warhead with another clan but it wasnt any fun cause they were cheating.
See Ya!!


if i had better guitar playing id stick at it..

So im blogging again, yes. Has been a while since ive blogged. I saw dave's video the other day the one about miniman, written in his english class in elementary school. This inspired me to do the same thing because i have old stories that i have written and want to share..only trouble is im in banff now and all my stuff from public school are in ontario so if i go back to ontario or get my mom to bring it out now i will post it to my youtube./darrenvox page.

Im listening to dave from blue skies' alone again on guitar from youstage in manchester. What a cool song written for piano and played by guitar. I really like that song, my other fav song is stickaid2008, oh i forgot to mention im on stickam as meaning i have an account there..i cant seem to access my account right now but i could do live shows and stuff on there.

My songwriting career is done, theres no more writing so all i can do now is support acts like dave from blue skies and davey milby.If i had a good guitar player to join me i could still sing but not write.

Im still planning my trip to england to see some of my friends and meet some of my online friends. I have some living in scotland and some living in wales and a few living in england so ive got to plan my trip accordingly. I was origionally going to do ireland, england and scotland. but now i dont want to go to ireland because i dont like the band u2 anymore and 95% of that trip part would have been about u2. so im skipping ireland to visit wales, cause people are telling me its a nice place.

if only i could get all my overseas friends to meet up at a certain city, such as bristol and i could see my buddies, meet the online ones and introduce everyone to each other, i could try saying its a bristol youtube gathering but i bet theres not alot of youtubers in bristol that we all know..my brother is in bristol living there working at the digital visitor thing.

Places i have to go to meet some online some real friends ive met in banff.

Real Friends
Crossgates, Wales
Isle of Mann, Scotland
Bristol, England

Online Friends
Derby, England
wherever nerimon lives
maybe charlieissocoollike could be visited by me..

might be better as a gathering of freinds in bristol when i go. could i get some of the names i listed to visit when i go to UK


there may be more but thats all i know on youtube from uk.

see what everyone has options for..



Drumheller,Vulcan OR Bust

Well its blogging time again...its been since forever that i blogged before.
im flying alot i mean virtual flying. if my sister is reading this i must let out the news that im flying again with flight sim, tom the guy who works here gave me a copy of it so i take off quite frequently and do some flights.
going on a roadtrip tomorrow to wither drumheller or vulcan or whatever place we can go to that we want to go to..
should be a great day

Life is Great


Darren Elliott 2.0, beat that 1.5

Ive never posted anything about what i now know how my old self would be an old version of me, so the one who couldnt wake up for work on time would be the 1.5 of me.

Comparing 1.5 to 2.0

The 1.5 listened to u2, couldnt live without a certain girl whos name i must not mention, lets say voldemort its kinda like that and couldnt stop being mad at bees. The 1.5 dreamed of the world ending because he feels no one love him, no really love him like other people. The 1.5 always was sad. The 1.5 had issues with life and everything bothered him. 1.5 lost hope of meeting bono, and voldemort aka the girl i must never mention. The 1.5 of me wouldnt think of having breakfast because i was normally out the door 5 minutes to or maybe 10 minutes or so after 11am. The 1.5 had a resume done by his sister because he didnt understand how it was to be done. Never added his own things to it. The 1.5 always said he was from st marys ontario, but never lived there. The 1.5 loved to dance and thoubght his dancing was good. The 1.5 had a lot of bad bikes that wouldnt get close to anything to what 2.0 has now and 2.0 isnt as good as any kona, or any bike anyone around banff has. Both 1.5 and 2.0 cant bike, on his minelli, but likes to bike around town and cant even get over a curb has to get off and walk the bike and then get on again but knows its not going to hurt him. compared to all the other better bikers in town 1.5 and 2.0 sucks and doesnt know the right way to switch gears correctly years to make it to Tour de France: 1,000000 years.
1.5 and 2.0 are both suckers at biking. Pretty much 2.0 is just a person upgrade he still sucks at everything.

The 2.0 update allows for more time to get up and have breakfast which is good for me. Now im leaving by 1045am and getting there in enough time to think about what ive got to do for a while.The 2.0 listens to pretty much everything like bright eyes, coldplay, collective soul. The 2.0 actually started in 2005 because everything i was used to fell away. The 2.0 is now always happy. The 2.0 has fixed all of his prior problems. The resume 2.0 is working on is his own work, adding the other things that maybe we lied about.The 2.0 is from a place he always dreamed about it, and the girl from the past wants to kick him out.The 2.0 doesnt like dancing.2.0 loves his bike but knows that all he is known it as a canadian tire special or something like that.

This is all i have about the change. will add more later


davey milbys promo post


my request song is good hearted fool

Life is Great



what happened the other night and update

Hello everyone who has ever been reading my blog, like as if anyone is.A weird thing happened on friday/ saturday and 12:10 am or so. i was hanging out at the internet cafe. and all of a sudden the lights just flickered on and off for a second and i thought that maybe the fuse box  was acting up or something then i walked  upstairs to check out if it was just the internet cafe or if it was the  whole town and im sure my first idea as i looked on was total shock, the whole town was out of power, from the entrance way into banff to the bridge was about as dark as the night was. So i thought about leaving but i thought it would be nice if i walked out of here together so i waited for him to finish up.
I walked to my sisters house not my home in the fricken dark, not any lights on, so it was weird, i've never seen banff like that.
My life, yes i thought id get to this, my singer songwriter thing is going nowhere. So is my normal life, i know people have said "she's not here." sheesh, did i start rubbing my head for nothing, its because  i keep seeing the past in brief moments in my head, you know how someone says try seeing things in a mental picture that what i'm seeing, but don't get me wrong i don't want her. I came here to move on with my life. And i was having the best time being here. 2005 was the best year too, sally borden every other day, walk through the rain, and sit by the river and reflect,  but now i feel like i don't belong here any more.
she showed up in banff sometime in 2006 because before all this i felt fine and over the stuff i took a long time to get over. Then the bono stuff started, i started hearing bono's  voice in my head. I fell for everything he was telling me, and i don't believe he would ever come to such a crappy town like this. The last time i was in hospital in i was going crazy, i knew he wasn't here in my heart but i thought he was, I must have been on crack or something i had conjured up a theory about the end of the world, i must have had a bad dream one of the nights because i saw my sister sitting beside me and i'm like i cant fucking believe it i thought everyone was dead, clearly i must have been on crack or something.
This thing about the hating bono or the facebook group called i still hate bono and his fucking face" its not meant to mean we want to kill him, its just a bunch of previous u2 fans turning the table. I came up with this idea that u2 or rock bands should have a draft like the NHL, so that any musicians that need bono for their band, like rolling stones  so that when mick jagger dies bono can fill in. I think it would work perfectly. This problem i have is not a u2 problem its a bono probrem. get rid of him any way other than killing and you recieve a bonus. its a good way anyways.
I love how at every show he was at, during sometimes you cant make it on your own during the vertigo tour, hed say "this is for my father bob" well i could one up him and say "well this is the my why bother? fob" the only problem is id have to find a key chain fob that says in big letters "why bother" on it. haha bono youre going down.!!
enjoy my update and clearing of my head!!

Life is Great

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on life love and the other stuff

something i havent talked about in ages because i didnt believe in love, i thought i was never going to be in love/married etc. but now i have met a few people and had a few crushes. I dont want to talk about it much but i like this girl who works at safeway. Word has gone around that i really like her. Now im not gonna start blogging about her but it needs to end. I mean what i keep doing metaphorically is closing doors on people for some reason. i mean ive had chances in the past.with that girl from high school, waited untill the last minute to make my move to be shot down again and again.

Now i know that this thing with the ... doesnt really matter, i really like her, we talk alot i compliment her and she does too but i feel like i started off on the wrong foot. Id like to still be her friend period. I also like other girls at safeway but im not shy too much these days but around women i get shy and i feel as if i have to get to know them to talk to them.

i have to stop closing doors on people, but i cant stop doing it..

my .50 cents.

im going to have to figure out what i really want. this is something i can only decide.


Every photo tells a story, some more than others

i recently took a look back at my photos on facebook just to pass the time and one photo album i had almost forgotten about called bow river overflow. Back last june or july our town of nearly 8000 + or so people had something weird but yet beautiful at the same time. The majestic bow river that flows through banff and calgary and on to hudson bay overflowed. It didnt claim any lives but it kept people far from the river..

source: http://www.riverwatch.ab.ca/rivertalk/viewreplies.cfm?topic_id=48

I only took 2-5 photos...

This photo just amazes me, what big a river we now have and whats the effects of the flooding that happened whatif i wwas playing guitar down by the river and accidentally got pushed off the bench because fot the strong current after this happened. I was just shocked to see this happen, its not every day that people see this sort of thing happen in their lives..

This photo just scares me, what if, when this happened someone like me was on it and got washed away...its not the bench that speaks to me its how high and fast the might bow is. I mena look at it its almost at seat height. It is dangersous but would have sounded cool to think about just sitting there with the fast water flowing over your legs....youd really have to hold on..

the others i took arent so as impressive as these are...but ill upload them anyways...maybe you can give me a comment as to what you think the others make you feel or see or whatever..or you could take them and photochop them and do things with them.

thats a river worth rafting down, if it werent so dangerous it would be fun...be something instead of taking pictures to experience the bow falls..

again take your time and think of what you think of when looking at these pics...this photo was used to prove how fast and how strong the river was...i recorded a video of how fast it was moving..NEXT

............whatever floats your boat....or finds youre lost remote...

in addition to these i took a short video..seen below


new stuff

ok i'm still here have not posted in ages and ages and ages..
I don't know where my life has gone, i'm just turning into a twit. I'm so far behind on my planning for the trip to ireland that i may just go to ireland instead of the other 2 places. but i may not even have enough to make it there so im not sure whats going to happen
Just heard the new song by u2 sung about an irish singer, well done bono. Just stop sending me ilike videos of u2...if i want to see u2 videos i can find them on youtube or good ones on u2.com
So im off to go home..clean my place up...


still planning for UK trip

i have made up a list of places in Dublin and Ireland I want to Visit

heres the List

1. Slane Castle
2. Temple Bar/HRC
3. Hanover Quay
4.Grand Canal Docks
6. Bonavox Hearing Aids Store
7. Clarence Hotel


Unsure where im going to go...


Unusre where...

cant wait till go to ireland...i could cut the tour down to just ireland thats the only place i am open to going anywhere and taking time to relax...


This Just IN, IOPD shuffle 2nd Gen problem solved..at least i thought

Hello all ipod, u2 fans banffites and etc i have just found out the correct way to at least...
nevermind it didnt work...but try this
if youre haveing the delay write problem but the ipod is still being able to be detected...go into my computer and right click on the ipod drive, right click and hit format...should work but for the ipod 2nd gen it goes right back...