Darren Elliott 2.0, beat that 1.5

Ive never posted anything about what i now know how my old self would be an old version of me, so the one who couldnt wake up for work on time would be the 1.5 of me.

Comparing 1.5 to 2.0

The 1.5 listened to u2, couldnt live without a certain girl whos name i must not mention, lets say voldemort its kinda like that and couldnt stop being mad at bees. The 1.5 dreamed of the world ending because he feels no one love him, no really love him like other people. The 1.5 always was sad. The 1.5 had issues with life and everything bothered him. 1.5 lost hope of meeting bono, and voldemort aka the girl i must never mention. The 1.5 of me wouldnt think of having breakfast because i was normally out the door 5 minutes to or maybe 10 minutes or so after 11am. The 1.5 had a resume done by his sister because he didnt understand how it was to be done. Never added his own things to it. The 1.5 always said he was from st marys ontario, but never lived there. The 1.5 loved to dance and thoubght his dancing was good. The 1.5 had a lot of bad bikes that wouldnt get close to anything to what 2.0 has now and 2.0 isnt as good as any kona, or any bike anyone around banff has. Both 1.5 and 2.0 cant bike, on his minelli, but likes to bike around town and cant even get over a curb has to get off and walk the bike and then get on again but knows its not going to hurt him. compared to all the other better bikers in town 1.5 and 2.0 sucks and doesnt know the right way to switch gears correctly years to make it to Tour de France: 1,000000 years.
1.5 and 2.0 are both suckers at biking. Pretty much 2.0 is just a person upgrade he still sucks at everything.

The 2.0 update allows for more time to get up and have breakfast which is good for me. Now im leaving by 1045am and getting there in enough time to think about what ive got to do for a while.The 2.0 listens to pretty much everything like bright eyes, coldplay, collective soul. The 2.0 actually started in 2005 because everything i was used to fell away. The 2.0 is now always happy. The 2.0 has fixed all of his prior problems. The resume 2.0 is working on is his own work, adding the other things that maybe we lied about.The 2.0 is from a place he always dreamed about it, and the girl from the past wants to kick him out.The 2.0 doesnt like dancing.2.0 loves his bike but knows that all he is known it as a canadian tire special or something like that.

This is all i have about the change. will add more later

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