weird dream this am.....

this morning I awoke from an unusually happy dream one that could have kept going if I didn't have to be up for 10 am this morning. It involved a few of my old worker mates from Safeway all talking about this snowboard shop they were all going to a lot or one they wanted to start.
I found that one to be cool because I was seeing all my friends from Banff again..
well sorry for the short one but im tired no time for a Vlog today so ill wait till I get time..


scanner works!!

so hello its monday jan 26th of 2009. My scanner has been sitting in the TV room catching dust for about a month, or since i changed my room around for my computer to be in the south corner of my room. I decided it would be nice to see what i could salvage from my scanner if it works or not. Up to now the scanner part works fully so it still works its just the linkup between it and the computer. So i setup the programs for it and tried pushing the green button (epson 1260 perfection) and nothing worked then i went into control panel and hit add hardware...after a minute there was the popup that the 1260 was intalled. So it works!!...

heres a hint of a few ive scanned in

me at 347 otter st in banff

email cleaning....sorry...

hello all good to see you....im doing this to see who has the correct email and whos email doesnt work anymore...

Life is Great


"shes really not that interested in you"

Im sorry but i made a mistake years ago wanting this girl. I thought we would date and then get married in the future. I can clearly say thats not going to happen because she hasnt replied back to me. im going to post what i wrote to her on facebook and you can tell me what you would say...

Hey willow how are ya, im fine back in ontario where the home cooked food is at its best.

Its been a long time since weve had a serious chat, as in it feels like a long time since weve had this type of chat.

Lately ive been thinking about you, seems weird but there you are in my head everyday, no matter where i go youre there and all i have to think about.

The only problem is i dont know if you feel the same way. Since the day i met you about a year ago ive been thinking about what is gonna happen to me if im gonna move somewhere else for a long time or stay in banff and live for a while there.

I dont know if its true but if you have boyfriend this message wont mean much to you, ive just been waiting to email you since the end of being in banff. I didnt even get to say goodbye and that ill keep in touch so i thought id say hi and tell you some things ive been thinking about for a while.

I have a huge crush on you and maybe its more than that, feels like it. If youve been feeling weird at all its probably me being the gross person i am. Ive never met a girl like you before and i doubt i ever will again. I just wanted to say hi thats all. I miss talking to you and i want to hear from you more, though im sure you hate me because weve both been ignoring ech other.See you willow and enjoy shredding this season youre friend darren elliott


ok its time to move on...she seriously doesnt like me..

it might not be the two weeks i indicated on the last blog but ive given up. I cant wait anymore without her talking to me. I havent talked with her in like 3 months. I miss her like sh*t. Heck im almost in love with her. I dont want to become depressed like i did years ago.

Funny thing is that ive had sme good dreams about her and i was almost certain some of them were going to come true, guess not now..

from now on i wont be talking about the starbucks girl ill have to find someone else. Its going to be hard...may take a year to get over her i was so deep in feelings for her. I hear her voice sometimes its so awesome to hear from her in my head but its not the real girl.

been getting some good replys to my youtube. i shouldnt be existing right now as on a forum they are ripping me apart as we speak....thats fine....ill get them back in the end somehow.

in the words of aron, which is a cool name for i speak a no enlgish...said "you are a worthless cunt" i agree!!!

this blog doesnt exist no more...and yes aron i am using tears as lube....and my girl i like is bangin 50 black guys..thats fine...i dont care


last fm and other things

Hello bloggers, how are you? Another day another dollar...Today is Friday the 16th of January/2009.
We were supposed to start the school groups at cobble today but since it was going to be and it already might be -20 right now the 1st group cancelled so im on my own for the day, here to Blog, Vlog or chat.
I now have a last.fm, used to be I really didn't conceive the concept. Now its something I don't even think about much. Crazy how much its changed, its like bagels years ago...no one liked bagels but the select few now everyone has it for breakfast and doesn't even notice how much they are loved now. My username on last.fm is darrenvox.
I have not played Combat Arms, Trackmania or WOW for the reasons its too big for my computer!!!
I am on blogtv.com with the same username. I don't really have a show set up I just go on every once and a while to show people a live view of my room~!
I have some cd's and games I want to sell and get a little money for..
All my u2 cd's
Sims Online
more to come... 


cant stop thinking about her...its been too long

so this week is another week im giving the girl from starbucks to chat back at me. if she doesnt let me know her feelings so i can chance it or stop thinking about her. Most people at this stage would give up and move on. i think this starbucks/UNLTD girl is quite a rariety so ill give her the benefit of the doubt and and an extra week to chat back at me. She doesnt have to tell me her inner most deep secrets she just has to tell me wether she likes me or not. if she likes me ill defintely pursue a relationship with her, if she doesnt like me ill let her go. Its too hard at this moment.

I really like her and would really like to go out with her at some point. Shes got a boyfreind and im ok with that its the fact that i see her being part of my life more than i see her with her current boyfriend. Everytime i see snowboarders i think of her. So im goung to get lessons on how to snowboard so if i were ever to be her boyfreind at some point she would probably want me to be converted so i will have to take lessons at some point. Tyler or Tanner said they would take me out and teach me...i know im gonna be on my ass anyways...so....well see

Unless im helping teaching over at cobble hills most of my thoughts are going to her at the moment, i cant help myself thinking about the starbucks girl (i have yet to mention names untill im going out wither her) which may never happen....but id like to at least try...so ill giver her another week, i just dont want to have another broken heart knowing that she only thinks im a garbage guy and not a future boyfriend..

I might be going to banff in march or so...a little trip to go see friends and see people...

thats my blog today and im stickin with it!!



its getting harder and harder...

Late last night i was over at cobble hills hanging out having a good time and then the song made famous by katy perry came on called hot n cold and since when i first heard the song a long time ago when i was living in banff i thought katy perry looked like this girl i still like from starbucks. So whenever i hear that song it makes me think alot abot her.

I have talked to her a million times over the past year it was ony after she came back from being home in ontario that our happy fun friendship started dwindling downwards, we went from being enjoyfull of each other (hi-5's and smiles to each other) to barely talking to each other at all. It really makes me mad at myself because i probably did or said something that made her not talk to me as much.

I know she has a boyfriend and im respectfull of that but im so happy that someday me and her wll be together. Maybe we wont but ivew got this good feeling in my heart that i will see her again. I havent seen her since the begining of november and its now the start of january...its hard for me.

Alls im saying is its hard because ive sent her an email telling her how i feel and i havent heard back. At this point most people would give up and move on. Im just being ok with it and letteing her have another 2 weeks to email or chat with me and let me know...i like her...i liker her alot...i just dont want to lose her...

thats my blog and im stickin to it!!