"shes really not that interested in you"

Im sorry but i made a mistake years ago wanting this girl. I thought we would date and then get married in the future. I can clearly say thats not going to happen because she hasnt replied back to me. im going to post what i wrote to her on facebook and you can tell me what you would say...

Hey willow how are ya, im fine back in ontario where the home cooked food is at its best.

Its been a long time since weve had a serious chat, as in it feels like a long time since weve had this type of chat.

Lately ive been thinking about you, seems weird but there you are in my head everyday, no matter where i go youre there and all i have to think about.

The only problem is i dont know if you feel the same way. Since the day i met you about a year ago ive been thinking about what is gonna happen to me if im gonna move somewhere else for a long time or stay in banff and live for a while there.

I dont know if its true but if you have boyfriend this message wont mean much to you, ive just been waiting to email you since the end of being in banff. I didnt even get to say goodbye and that ill keep in touch so i thought id say hi and tell you some things ive been thinking about for a while.

I have a huge crush on you and maybe its more than that, feels like it. If youve been feeling weird at all its probably me being the gross person i am. Ive never met a girl like you before and i doubt i ever will again. I just wanted to say hi thats all. I miss talking to you and i want to hear from you more, though im sure you hate me because weve both been ignoring ech other.See you willow and enjoy shredding this season youre friend darren elliott

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