ok its time to move on...she seriously doesnt like me..

it might not be the two weeks i indicated on the last blog but ive given up. I cant wait anymore without her talking to me. I havent talked with her in like 3 months. I miss her like sh*t. Heck im almost in love with her. I dont want to become depressed like i did years ago.

Funny thing is that ive had sme good dreams about her and i was almost certain some of them were going to come true, guess not now..

from now on i wont be talking about the starbucks girl ill have to find someone else. Its going to be hard...may take a year to get over her i was so deep in feelings for her. I hear her voice sometimes its so awesome to hear from her in my head but its not the real girl.

been getting some good replys to my youtube. i shouldnt be existing right now as on a forum they are ripping me apart as we speak....thats fine....ill get them back in the end somehow.

in the words of aron, which is a cool name for i speak a no enlgish...said "you are a worthless cunt" i agree!!!

this blog doesnt exist no more...and yes aron i am using tears as lube....and my girl i like is bangin 50 black guys..thats fine...i dont care

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