last fm and other things

Hello bloggers, how are you? Another day another dollar...Today is Friday the 16th of January/2009.
We were supposed to start the school groups at cobble today but since it was going to be and it already might be -20 right now the 1st group cancelled so im on my own for the day, here to Blog, Vlog or chat.
I now have a last.fm, used to be I really didn't conceive the concept. Now its something I don't even think about much. Crazy how much its changed, its like bagels years ago...no one liked bagels but the select few now everyone has it for breakfast and doesn't even notice how much they are loved now. My username on last.fm is darrenvox.
I have not played Combat Arms, Trackmania or WOW for the reasons its too big for my computer!!!
I am on blogtv.com with the same username. I don't really have a show set up I just go on every once and a while to show people a live view of my room~!
I have some cd's and games I want to sell and get a little money for..
All my u2 cd's
Sims Online
more to come... 

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