its getting harder and harder...

Late last night i was over at cobble hills hanging out having a good time and then the song made famous by katy perry came on called hot n cold and since when i first heard the song a long time ago when i was living in banff i thought katy perry looked like this girl i still like from starbucks. So whenever i hear that song it makes me think alot abot her.

I have talked to her a million times over the past year it was ony after she came back from being home in ontario that our happy fun friendship started dwindling downwards, we went from being enjoyfull of each other (hi-5's and smiles to each other) to barely talking to each other at all. It really makes me mad at myself because i probably did or said something that made her not talk to me as much.

I know she has a boyfriend and im respectfull of that but im so happy that someday me and her wll be together. Maybe we wont but ivew got this good feeling in my heart that i will see her again. I havent seen her since the begining of november and its now the start of january...its hard for me.

Alls im saying is its hard because ive sent her an email telling her how i feel and i havent heard back. At this point most people would give up and move on. Im just being ok with it and letteing her have another 2 weeks to email or chat with me and let me know...i like her...i liker her alot...i just dont want to lose her...

thats my blog and im stickin to it!!

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