cant stop thinking about her...its been too long

so this week is another week im giving the girl from starbucks to chat back at me. if she doesnt let me know her feelings so i can chance it or stop thinking about her. Most people at this stage would give up and move on. i think this starbucks/UNLTD girl is quite a rariety so ill give her the benefit of the doubt and and an extra week to chat back at me. She doesnt have to tell me her inner most deep secrets she just has to tell me wether she likes me or not. if she likes me ill defintely pursue a relationship with her, if she doesnt like me ill let her go. Its too hard at this moment.

I really like her and would really like to go out with her at some point. Shes got a boyfreind and im ok with that its the fact that i see her being part of my life more than i see her with her current boyfriend. Everytime i see snowboarders i think of her. So im goung to get lessons on how to snowboard so if i were ever to be her boyfreind at some point she would probably want me to be converted so i will have to take lessons at some point. Tyler or Tanner said they would take me out and teach me...i know im gonna be on my ass anyways...so....well see

Unless im helping teaching over at cobble hills most of my thoughts are going to her at the moment, i cant help myself thinking about the starbucks girl (i have yet to mention names untill im going out wither her) which may never happen....but id like to at least try...so ill giver her another week, i just dont want to have another broken heart knowing that she only thinks im a garbage guy and not a future boyfriend..

I might be going to banff in march or so...a little trip to go see friends and see people...

thats my blog today and im stickin with it!!


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