whoever anonymous was,,

thank you...

thank you..

Some of the viewers to my site might have rembered that time about the end of january on this year where i was really mad at myeslf and really aggrivated..
and you might have rembered a person around there posting as anonomous who posted a link to this preacher site...im finally reading it now..
I wan to mention to you that it really is like my life..

"The Christian spiritual path begins with stark humility. It begins with an admission that the voice has haunted you and that you have not been able to overcome it. If ours was a 12-step program, step two would be admitting that a power greater than yourself will have to help you deal with the voice."

its very interesting how this is tue


its warming up...

its about -1 or 0 degrees this week but i feel it will go colder for a short time then go back to warming up then spring will be over...and summer will start.

Someone took our chairs from the porch. So i took a stool from the kitchen, so i wll give it back tonite. I need to get some batteries for my digital camera!!

Im going downtown soon...



its a long day...

I want to ask dawn what song you might hear when you are writing blogs everytime or what helps to write..

i pick alot of sad songs which help me write....im listening to james blunt's youre beautiful....its so like my life...

so what do you listen to while writing??



Dawn, sorry i changed my mind

Accent: I origionally lived in ontario so uh..i have an albertontarian accent...

Booze of Choice: None. Would have been kokanee or coors but im quiting drinking.

Chore I hate: ? what chores...do i have to do them before work??!??

Dog or Cat: who needs pets in banff?

Essential Electronics: Cd Player/Boombox...on the go or at home

Gold or Silver: Gold

Hometown: St Manff, enuff said!! (you wont find it on any map!!)

Insomnia:?? never uh...maybe ive..uh had it?

Title: Courtesy Clerk

Kids: might want one when im older

Living Arrangments: I live in the state of confusion....enough said

Most Admired Trait: This one is a tough one, I really dont know if there is anything admirable about me.

# of Sexual Partners: my grand total is - 0

Over Night Hospital stays: Nope

Phobia: Bees, I hate having dreams of them things. It is a real phobia, I cant deal with them, even if I wanted to but I perfer not to.

Quote: "Born to have it and have it he shall"-bono talking about adam.


Siblings: One brother and one sister.

Time I wake up: Around 9:15am

"Unusual Skill: Unsure...

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: hmm...dont know...would be more of the exotic ones like mangoes and ones like that

Worst Habit: Farting in publik. I still think its one of the funniest things in the world.Xrays: Both ankles, left wrist and thats about it there.

Yummy Food I Can Make: I can make pretty good smokies...theyre like any young kid who can only make kraft dinner..

Moment of Zen:ignore this one i dont know what zen is...


hence cliffdart

Brian from Hence Cliffdart,(vocal and guitar)

and adam goring"drummer" (also writes and photographs for the C and C)

unfortunately i dont have any photos of rick (bass)


what if?

I was thinking about this for a while now.

What if st marys ontario and banff alberta were the same?

It sounds weird but they have some socially simular things going on. If we take st marys for example, its a small little town just outside london ontario. Pretty much everyone knows everyone else, well in banff its somewhat but not totally the same. Alot of people who live in banff used to live somewhere else.

I dont know the actual stats but my guess is that people come from other provinces in canada.

Ontario 30% (guestimate)

Manitoba 20%

Saskacchewan 10%

BC 5%

Eastern Provinces 20% (NFLD,PEI etc)

It would be cool to have banff and st marys together, call it st-banff or st manff as you walk down banff ave you stare at the mountains then half way down the street it turns into a sloping hill and you see all the people you know from that town...

Welcome to Stmanff, where the mountains and folk get along...

hah hah ahha hha ah