Dawn, sorry i changed my mind

Accent: I origionally lived in ontario so uh..i have an albertontarian accent...

Booze of Choice: None. Would have been kokanee or coors but im quiting drinking.

Chore I hate: ? what chores...do i have to do them before work??!??

Dog or Cat: who needs pets in banff?

Essential Electronics: Cd Player/Boombox...on the go or at home

Gold or Silver: Gold

Hometown: St Manff, enuff said!! (you wont find it on any map!!)

Insomnia:?? never uh...maybe ive..uh had it?

Title: Courtesy Clerk

Kids: might want one when im older

Living Arrangments: I live in the state of confusion....enough said

Most Admired Trait: This one is a tough one, I really dont know if there is anything admirable about me.

# of Sexual Partners: my grand total is - 0

Over Night Hospital stays: Nope

Phobia: Bees, I hate having dreams of them things. It is a real phobia, I cant deal with them, even if I wanted to but I perfer not to.

Quote: "Born to have it and have it he shall"-bono talking about adam.


Siblings: One brother and one sister.

Time I wake up: Around 9:15am

"Unusual Skill: Unsure...

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: hmm...dont know...would be more of the exotic ones like mangoes and ones like that

Worst Habit: Farting in publik. I still think its one of the funniest things in the world.Xrays: Both ankles, left wrist and thats about it there.

Yummy Food I Can Make: I can make pretty good smokies...theyre like any young kid who can only make kraft dinner..

Moment of Zen:ignore this one i dont know what zen is...

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Tara said...

Lol, nice answers darren, I enjoyed reading this :-)