what if?

I was thinking about this for a while now.

What if st marys ontario and banff alberta were the same?

It sounds weird but they have some socially simular things going on. If we take st marys for example, its a small little town just outside london ontario. Pretty much everyone knows everyone else, well in banff its somewhat but not totally the same. Alot of people who live in banff used to live somewhere else.

I dont know the actual stats but my guess is that people come from other provinces in canada.

Ontario 30% (guestimate)

Manitoba 20%

Saskacchewan 10%

BC 5%

Eastern Provinces 20% (NFLD,PEI etc)

It would be cool to have banff and st marys together, call it st-banff or st manff as you walk down banff ave you stare at the mountains then half way down the street it turns into a sloping hill and you see all the people you know from that town...

Welcome to Stmanff, where the mountains and folk get along...

hah hah ahha hha ah


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Tara said...

Lol, it's totally true what you said about people in Banff coming in from other provinces. Every winter, Banff hotels advertise in every province across Canada. Jeff and I saw an ad for jobs in Banff's hotels at a Job Fair back in Toronto the winter before last.

Jeff applied but then decided at the last minute that it wasn't for him. So we ended up not moving out to Banff.

However, living where we do now - I wouldn't change it for anything. This truly IS my home.