whoever anonymous was,,

thank you...

thank you..

Some of the viewers to my site might have rembered that time about the end of january on this year where i was really mad at myeslf and really aggrivated..
and you might have rembered a person around there posting as anonomous who posted a link to this preacher site...im finally reading it now..
I wan to mention to you that it really is like my life..

"The Christian spiritual path begins with stark humility. It begins with an admission that the voice has haunted you and that you have not been able to overcome it. If ours was a 12-step program, step two would be admitting that a power greater than yourself will have to help you deal with the voice."

its very interesting how this is tue

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Tara said...

Yes it is. I'm not Religious but I am Spiritual. I rely a lot on a set of cards I have called Ask Your Guides. They give me messages in card form from ymSpirit Guides about my Situation and what I can do to try and change it.

Normally I wouldn't have taken any notice of these but for the fact that every time I've used them, they've been absolutely spot on about the current Situation and how to try and overcome it.