what happened the other night and update

Hello everyone who has ever been reading my blog, like as if anyone is.A weird thing happened on friday/ saturday and 12:10 am or so. i was hanging out at the internet cafe. and all of a sudden the lights just flickered on and off for a second and i thought that maybe the fuse box  was acting up or something then i walked  upstairs to check out if it was just the internet cafe or if it was the  whole town and im sure my first idea as i looked on was total shock, the whole town was out of power, from the entrance way into banff to the bridge was about as dark as the night was. So i thought about leaving but i thought it would be nice if i walked out of here together so i waited for him to finish up.
I walked to my sisters house not my home in the fricken dark, not any lights on, so it was weird, i've never seen banff like that.
My life, yes i thought id get to this, my singer songwriter thing is going nowhere. So is my normal life, i know people have said "she's not here." sheesh, did i start rubbing my head for nothing, its because  i keep seeing the past in brief moments in my head, you know how someone says try seeing things in a mental picture that what i'm seeing, but don't get me wrong i don't want her. I came here to move on with my life. And i was having the best time being here. 2005 was the best year too, sally borden every other day, walk through the rain, and sit by the river and reflect,  but now i feel like i don't belong here any more.
she showed up in banff sometime in 2006 because before all this i felt fine and over the stuff i took a long time to get over. Then the bono stuff started, i started hearing bono's  voice in my head. I fell for everything he was telling me, and i don't believe he would ever come to such a crappy town like this. The last time i was in hospital in i was going crazy, i knew he wasn't here in my heart but i thought he was, I must have been on crack or something i had conjured up a theory about the end of the world, i must have had a bad dream one of the nights because i saw my sister sitting beside me and i'm like i cant fucking believe it i thought everyone was dead, clearly i must have been on crack or something.
This thing about the hating bono or the facebook group called i still hate bono and his fucking face" its not meant to mean we want to kill him, its just a bunch of previous u2 fans turning the table. I came up with this idea that u2 or rock bands should have a draft like the NHL, so that any musicians that need bono for their band, like rolling stones  so that when mick jagger dies bono can fill in. I think it would work perfectly. This problem i have is not a u2 problem its a bono probrem. get rid of him any way other than killing and you recieve a bonus. its a good way anyways.
I love how at every show he was at, during sometimes you cant make it on your own during the vertigo tour, hed say "this is for my father bob" well i could one up him and say "well this is the my why bother? fob" the only problem is id have to find a key chain fob that says in big letters "why bother" on it. haha bono youre going down.!!
enjoy my update and clearing of my head!!

Life is Great

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