one the busiest summers on my record

I apologize on the behindness i am at right now but it seems every weekend is busy and i either have airshows or folk fests and weddings. Yesterday we did it all in one day, went to a reception for a wedding of my neighbors that lives around the corner and we went to a buck and oe the same night for my neighbor...and the weekend before i was folk festival selling beer tickets, the weekend before that st thomas airshow. Now as i dont think there are anything big until  kitchener airshow but im sure there are lots of events here and there.

My other reason for posting is that some people at airshows can be brutaly not polite at all at most airshows. They just want to sit cloe by and dont care to knock people over to find the best seat, however on the saturday or sunday show a very nice family whith their young granson and father and grand father noticed i was trying to take shot of the aircraft flying or taxiing, and let me move right next to bob, um i have no idea what is last name is but hes with jam!! anyways as soon as they were gone for the day everybody moded up!!! and it was almost a fight to get the best spot...no one polit about it atg all...and i didt get their names but i will cherish their thoughfulness for years to come...

to that random family thank you!!


im starting to understand why parents hate their sons for

getting tatoos. obviously some tatoos have an ugly nature to them and are not "clean" as in the idea behind it maybe because of a gang or what not, but if said parents son got a tatoo saying "come home troops" or "we love you canada" or something clean and strong like that their parents would love having this on them or at least let them get it...


welcome to june.

OMG, am i ever behind!! i havent posted since may so i thought id post again. Just got home from the ingersoll  rib fest. Was ok but most of the places were shutting down their tents so there wasnt much going on.