short and sweeet..

havent had time to update blog, having fun working...feeling sick
lately...getting tons of sleep...called in sick yesterday, slept from 10am
tues till 9:15 wed!!! thats like 22+ hours!

ater lay


dawns photo searching thingee

1. The city and province of the town where you grew up, no quotation marks

2. The town where you currently reside.

3-4 i have to skip i cant get darren and my grandmothers name as a picture

5. Your favorite food.

6.Your Favorite Drink

7.youre fav smell


8. Youre Fav Song

well this turned out to be not happening...whats going on??


You're busy and loving it. In fact, you're so happy to be doing what you're doing that you're ready to take on the world. You may not have to work today, but you should definitely make a plan. If you play your cards right, you might actually be able to spend some quality time with a loved one on Tuesday -- Valentine's Day -- or at least spend a few hours preparing a very special, very memorable evening



Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Darren Elliott

13 things i love to do in banff..

1.Go to the underground internet studio

2.Take photos of the great mountains

3.walk around bored like hell

3.Go to johnny ray's restaurant for a good time

4.work hard at safeway

5.on days off go skiing

6.do errands

7.go to watch a movie

8.rent a movie

9.go to brunos during the day

10.go to brunos on a Wed night and watvh good talented musicians play.

11.sitting here in my room

12.taking a cab home (cause its cooold)

13.buying junk food at Mac's

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another open mic wednesday!!

Just Left brunos to come to the underground to tell you i played tonite and
really enjoyed playing. I played "alone" which hasnt been played for a while
then i played SYCMIOYO. I really like "alone" and the way i play it is good.

This rozetta or roz lady is so good with her music, she has some sore of
multitrack foot pedal so that she can play a few bars of the beggining of a
song then go and sing the words to the song like the one i love called "i
know what i dont want anymore" and then when she gets into it she starts
having this musical orgasm with the flute.....i think shes brilliant and
she's playing a seagull!!!

I used to like listening to that stepanie girl but i havent seen her and she
probalby thinks im a creep!!



good day

long day but good day..

My cousin from auszzi land is here back in banff!!

He used to live eat and sleep in banff a few years ago but now hes back from
near adelaide to visit...

i think hes only here for a week

for youre listening pleasure


brunos...bar and grill

If you have wondered waht im talking about with the words brunos bar and grill, heres more info on it..



anyone rember this thing

This is the intellivision, from the late 80's. While everyone was focusing on playing the latest nintendo and the others We were playing intellivision. it was fun, to fianlly be up to speed with the rest of the world.

Its amazing that i still rember this thing and some of the graphics that we used to see...heck they are nothing compared to what you get on these new gaming systems, like xbox and nintendo and PS2, but it was fun i tells ya!!!