another open mic wednesday!!

Just Left brunos to come to the underground to tell you i played tonite and
really enjoyed playing. I played "alone" which hasnt been played for a while
then i played SYCMIOYO. I really like "alone" and the way i play it is good.

This rozetta or roz lady is so good with her music, she has some sore of
multitrack foot pedal so that she can play a few bars of the beggining of a
song then go and sing the words to the song like the one i love called "i
know what i dont want anymore" and then when she gets into it she starts
having this musical orgasm with the flute.....i think shes brilliant and
she's playing a seagull!!!

I used to like listening to that stepanie girl but i havent seen her and she
probalby thinks im a creep!!


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