2009: a year in review

these are the big things that happened this year

January-celebrated new years eve at cobble, tube slide was opened for the first time.
-started helping teaching at cobble
March-Got an award to the best assistant ski teacher of 2009 for all my help

April- around my dads b-day we went to montreal for my dads buisness conference. Mom leaves for australia for 3 weeks

May-I start rolling the grass to get it ready for cutting

June-August..cutting grass regularily

August- signed up to help with the kitchener airshow and dad helped as well

September-voluntered with the open house and doors open with the Jet Aircraft Museum
-Started college courses, with the goal of finally graduating college.
September-December-College courses

December- i actually pass both classes with the help of my sister...

see you in 2010


aw jeez...

You all my laugh at me at what i am kinda in love with...dont worry people its not another girl i can go harrass but an airplane. I know what youre thinking, people can be in love with a plane can they? well most people would say no. I say yes.

I am really in love with an airplane and i know this time at least ill know that it loves me...haha....

im having alot of dreams about it...some have me as it pilot


a round the world next year...without leaving home

For next year starting in a few weeks ill be on my way to starting a round the world trip. But i wont be laving my bedroom. This is a virtual trip. I plan to fly from London CYXU to London CYXU but go around the world in between.

The plan is this

UHSS-->OMDB (maybe?)

but i might add a few routes as time goes...


school is almost over...

As it is now, there is only 1 day left of actual class time. I have the last test tommorow at noon. After im done that test i can technically be free of school but thats not it. I have another class at 4pm in which we talk about the move we say the night before but since ive already watched it many times i dont need to really know about the plot of fargo...but im going to go figure out the ideological subtext so that it can help me on the exam next wednesday...

I am also going to be meeting up with a buddy of mine whos in my class and asking about the missing stuff on the in class sheets in between after my test and my 4pm class and if we dont get it doen i will be screwed, these sheets are going to be used on the test so i have to get them finished....

merry xmas and ill update you next week...i need to focus...


now that the last essay is out of the way...

i have a little more time to fly this afternoon after a well needed nap from an all nighter that i did to finish this essay..

there are no more essays due in this class or the AB studies, and im not talking about studies of your six pack but of aborigional studies i did the only essay they required me to do. All that needs to be done are is the last test for AB studies and the exam. Once im done i can start flying alot more....


im tired....need sleep..