2009: a year in review

these are the big things that happened this year

January-celebrated new years eve at cobble, tube slide was opened for the first time.
-started helping teaching at cobble
March-Got an award to the best assistant ski teacher of 2009 for all my help

April- around my dads b-day we went to montreal for my dads buisness conference. Mom leaves for australia for 3 weeks

May-I start rolling the grass to get it ready for cutting

June-August..cutting grass regularily

August- signed up to help with the kitchener airshow and dad helped as well

September-voluntered with the open house and doors open with the Jet Aircraft Museum
-Started college courses, with the goal of finally graduating college.
September-December-College courses

December- i actually pass both classes with the help of my sister...

see you in 2010

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