Chapter 1 in the book im trying to write

Late one night in a hot muggy summer in rural Ontario a man named James Katchen in his late twenties was sitting in his bedroom in his house where he lived all alone and he was on his computer playing an old computer game called midtown madness. While cruising around in the city of Chicago he got to thinking his life was this bad that he had to be playing that game?

A few hours later he emerged in the kitchen looking for something to eat, something to much on and found a bag of chips and opened them and walked back to his bedroom where earlier he was playing an old computer game. At this time he was starting up another old game called Motocross Mania. He decided to do a race against the clock. The time was eleven fifty pm and it was really time for bed but he didnt mind it because he had a few days off and this was time to play.

He exited the game and logged into his email account and checked them. There was nothing but junk, James didnt believe in spam because it’s a waste of time and wished that spammers didnt need to exist. He also logged on to MSN messenger and there were only a few people on tonight. His mother and father were on and he talked back and forth then realized he really wanted to talk to his mother and father and hear their voice so he ended the conversation on the messenger program and picked up his phone and dialed their number into his phone and moments later he heard their voices and began the conversation. He updated them on the goings on in his life and 2 hours later hung up the phone.

James Katchen worked at a general store in a rural town in Ontario. He did bagging groceries and the like. He was very helpful and came in to work on time and ready for work. He worked 5 days a week and had Saturday and Sunday off. He loved this job and thought he was going to be at this job for a long time.

He had been working hard at his job the coming weeks and he had been wondering for a while if he could have been let off for a week to go on a trip to a place he has been to many times before in Alberta called Banff. He asked the manager and said 'id like to go on a short trip to Banff Alberta if i could?’ The manager replied with 'sure go ahead youve been working so hard go ahead'.

A few weeks later he was off to Banff and flew by an airline called Westjet. James was very fond of Westjet and preferred it over other Canadian airlines. He’s a member of a virtual airline that bears the same name of the airline he likes. While playing the ever popular Flight Sim 2004 he usually flies a few virtual flights to either Winnipeg or Calgary.

James landed in Calgary and called the hotel he was going to be staying at to make sure his confirmation was still active and the room was still available and then got his luggage and immediately afterward looked for a rental car because if he wanted to go somewhere else while in Banff he might need one. He got a new ford mustang and headed for Banff. He had never driven in Calgary by himself so he went to a nearby gas station and asked how to get to the Trans Canada highway. The local gas station owner gave him the directions to the highways and within 45 minutes he was on the highway and on the way to Banff.

Nearly and hour and a half later he arrived in Banff and found the hotel very vacant, he really didnt need to call because there was no-one at the hotel, but the hotel manager and his staff was there and it looked to James as if they were wondering where everyone was. He talked to the hotel attendant and said 'i called about an hour ago, my name is Ja-- but before he could say his name the staff member had his info up on his computer screen and said 'room 201' and handed James the key and James went up to his room and unpacked. He explored his room and walked outside. It was mid august and hot but not muggy hot. He also brought all his games with him.

Later that night he moseyed on to the downtown and passed by a place called underground internet cafe. It was five after nine and just in time to go and do some emailing and face book and the like manly because he wasn’t a business person and didnt have anything that required getting done. While down at the internet cafe he said hi to two friends named Daniel and Phil. They had just finished touring the Europe countryside.

He walked to an open computer and used the pay option instead of a member login because he didnt have an account here. He waved to the guy at the counter who he knew and the computer in front of him lit up and he could use it as along as he wanted and as long as the cafe was open. It closes at 1am a sign right next to his keyboard read. He checked his email and face book and all the websites he usually visits back home and then while starting to get bored he gets up and walks up and gets a diet coke and tells the staff member that hell pay for it afterwards.

He notices on the desktop that the game world of war craft was still installed and decided to log in to his account he couldn’t use because his computer wouldn’t allow the size of the game. So then he logged in to his account and started playing with his dwarf on level 21 and spent most of the night playing this game.

The next day he skipped breakfast and instead of going to the cafe he decided to climb tunnel mountain and it took him most of about an hour to get to the top at which time he noticed the clouds above looked like it was about to rain, before he even get to look at the beautiful view. He took one look at the streets before starting to walk down the mountain and he got soaked walking down the mountain at which he thought he’d go back to the hotel and dry off and chill out.

Later that day he went for a walk downtown to a bar he had been to before called Bruno’s. He went and asked the waiter for a diet coke and a menu. The waiter hands him a diet coke and a menu and James then looks at the menu. A minute later he mentions he wants chicken fingers. He waits a few minutes and then his order arrives full of fries and about 4 chicken fingers. He eats his meal while watching soccer on TV. Arsenal vs. Manchester United are playing and Manchester is down 10 points from arsenal. A few moments later he pays for his meal and leaves, saying goodbye to the staff he knows.

Again tonight he’s drawn to the internet cafe. This time he asks the staff member how much an account here means and asks if he can have one just for a few days and the staff member says 'yes, that’s alright' and gives him a small paper to fill in. Moments later the info gets transferred and he loads some money onto the account and goes to computer seventeen and logs in. He finds a few games he had forgotten about called track mania and combat arms. He hasn’t played these games in a year or so. He would have but the internet is slow at home and doesn’t really work that much with the games he is looking at on the desktop.

He decides to play combat arms. It’s a game that is about war battles fought more in buildings than in fields. He logs in and loads up a game and starts playing it for a few minutes than thinks about what emails has he gotten. He doesn’t get many emails but there are few ones from his mom and dad and some friends usually so he exits the game and logs into his email account to find more junk. Nothing in here today.

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