just breaks my heart

every day every month, every year another 737-200 gets scrapped and torched. I know they are old and un-environmental, but what happened to the whisperjet type aircraft, they didnt call them whisperjets because they were quiet, no they called them than because it was ironic..

But if you call-1-555-555-5555 you can save a 737-200, once you place youre call we well ship a picture of the plane you want to adopt and tell you the story about what airlines its been with...

so call now....make a difference in a 737-200's life

save them from the torture they dont deserve...

please send 4,0000000 easy payments of a dollar and well make sure by the time you pass away the plane will be sent to you

help save 737's like this one Quincy find a home and be loved

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